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Yes, I know the past few months have been kinda quiet for the formerly proliferous blogger. John and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary of dating. My how time flies (and yet drags when you are so far apart). I have been trying to keep active on the forums but there are so many newbies (this is a good thing) that I can hardly keep up with saying hi and helping to welcome them all.  So on that note I am choosing to blog today about the BN EXPERIENCE. And I hope you may all take a minute and share yours.

The easiest way to get noticed on BN is to join in the forums. With a positive attitude. While we do notice the whiners and people having a moan everyone knows its more fun to hang out with the happy people. Talk to people the way you would like to be spoken to. Its ok to be honest but there is no real need for meaness or rudeness. Especially as you most likely only know these people in the most superficial way.  Be friendly and  reach out, I am especially bad at this but, I find myself getting to know and really like some people I never really spoke to even though we have all been very active on the forums. Being already coupled up with John makes me reach out less (and makes some people reach out to me less) as there is no possiblilty of meeting. However, I am talking to some lovely people and have made some friends that will carry over into the real world. You cant do better than that.

Another seemingly obvious suggestion to help you get them most out of your experience here is to read the rules posted in the forums. I know it seems basic and boring when everyone is flirting and having a good time. It only takes a few minutes and keeps our new friends from having their hands slapped for some seemingly innocuous mistake. There is also some good advice in there (READ FIRST section) to help you write a better profile and things of that nature. There are posts on what women want, and how to garner the attention you are looking for from the opposite ****.

The blogs are another great way to get noticed, especially if you are of a more serious nature. The blogs allow you to share bits of yourself and personality through your writing. While people can comment on your blogs it seems to avoid the endless rounds of flirting seen in the forums. I know of several rather serious relationships that have developed on BN from writing on the blogs. And all of them seem to have some staying power.

Hope to see you all posting in one area or the other as soon as possible.



Sep 26, 09 6:06 PM

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been on this site for a few weeks now and i have replyed to those who have emailed me and i have emailed ppl but am getting nothing at all back and you sound like you give sound advise so any help would be a big help. thank you. Regards John

10/24/09 1:18 PM

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Pulp-****... Blog

Sterling stuff again Neo, and beautifully written. The voice of reason and fairness.You'll be joining the BN staff at this rate, lol.

Luv Pulp ****

9/27/09 4:17 PM

Thanks for all the support!!! I have missed blogging. And quite frankly I am sick of the way the forums are these days. No offense to the newbies. They are wonderful. But some more popular and established members use them to paint themselves in a positive light when they have been less than ethical in their dealings with others.

9/27/09 4:12 PM

Reply to Blaaaa
oh goodness please tell me your not back on the pop tarts again

looking forward to your next blog Neo xx

9/27/09 11:34 AM

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Blaaaa Blog

:d yeppie... We got the blogging neo back About ruddy time i had started to get my advice from the back of a cereal box lol
talk soon
Daz ****

9/27/09 3:31 AM

Hi Neo thx 4 the advice bin on a while now but sooo nice of u to say hi and of course to boomer n daz also much appreciated lol Mag from bonnie Scotland lol ****

9/26/09 11:06 PM

can only agree with you AM
great blog Neo and i'll jump on the band wagon and say "hello" to all the newbies as i find it hard to keep up at times

9/26/09 9:01 PM

great to see you blogging again Neo.

Wise words and great advice. To those of us who have been here a l;ittle while it all sounds common sense to read the rules but we also know that there's the element who jump in and start posting without doing this.

BN has brought together many great friendships (and of course some havent survived the first hurdle, but such is life). I feel that i know quite a few folk from the blogs and forums tho' we have never met


9/26/09 6:48 PM

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