Ten Things You May Want to Know about BN Success
Advice for newbies

Ten Things You May Want to Know about BN Success


1.)  The site can be as sucessful as you are determined to make it. I know of people on here who have found **** ****, developed FWB's, and some who have developed actual relationships that are still ongoing.


2.)  Nothing happens overnight. It is rare for anyone to be on here a couple of days and be overwhelmed with wonderful and (more importantly) real offers. So be patient, and spend a **** time getting to know the real people on the site. BTW a week is not exactly what I mean by patient.


3.)  Utilise the blogs and the forums. It will allow you to see the real personalities of many people here on BN, and if you post it will allow them to get to know you. Start in "introduce yourself". My opinion is that the blogs are a **** more in depth and that the forum is good for one-liners and flirting.


4.)  Think about what you put on your profile. Granted we women rarely ever read them but if we are intrigued enough to want to know more about you it is crucial to be forthcoming and interesting. And ladies be specific about what you want.


5.)  Learn the rules. They are pretty basic and are listed under the forums in "Read First"

that way you dont suffer the indignity of being banned or worse having your posts edited or removed or in severe cases having your profile removed. Mr. Moderator in all his incarnations (Dave) is generally pleasant but can be very firm about enforcing the rules. When you see his profile pic you will understand what I mean about firm. LOL.


6.)  ont waste everyones time with naff blogs and posts. We are pretty open about the **** variety of stuff that is of interest to some, many, or all of us. However there are a few exceptions to this. Posting things like "wanna f***" or your email address and the message that you are not a standard member may seem like a good way to get noticed, but look at them in general and notice how many have any comments/responses.


7.)  Use good manners if you wouldnt say it to a woman face to face dont say it here. We all may be looking for essentially the same things but we are all people with feelings too. Also, within the blog/forum area we are a community. Not everyone is buddy-buddy all the time but we stand together when need be to keep our **** corner a happy, friendly place.


8.)  Use common sense, if you are 50 and are getting star ratings and winks from 20 y/o girls who have never looked at your profile, be wary. Unless you want to use your credit card to talk to them. If not, report them. BN has a team that works on this problem but any assistance they can get is a positive. Also watch the line "come watch me on camera" or being told you need a verification ID is good reason to be cautious.


9.)  Be honest about who you are and what you want. There seems to be something for everyone (if you look hard enough). And are patient. Being honest about who you are will really **** off when you get to the point of meeting people.


10.)  Lastly, have fun. BN was designed to fun and flirty. It's **** fun for any who care to join in. I like to use humor a lot when flirting but I have to admit smart is **** too. Hope to see more folks on the blogs and forums.


For a change **** to no sarcasm included. Someone must be mellowing me out a bit. LOL.   



May 13, 09 4:57 AM


Thanks for the help! Like others, i've been getting a bit jaded about how good this site is, i shall try out the tips and see where it goes!

5/18/09 7:39 PM

It is a great relief to know that this place is no different to any other...you get what you give and should not allow the cynics out there to bring you down.

"With all it's drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful World, be careful, strive to be happy" Desiderata.

THANKYOU Mon Petit Chaufluer Capt. xx

5/18/09 5:53 PM

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palerid... Blog

Very Nice neo..glad your still keeping up with the blogs...lets chat dual post again??


5/13/09 6:30 PM

Thanks all with so many new folks joining I thought it would help, and lets face it , I found some one, I am happy and would like it to work as well for everyone else.


5/13/09 12:14 PM

Detailed and succinct. An excellent set of guidelines.

5/13/09 9:24 AM

Very public spirited of you Neo - hopefully this will have some effect!

5/13/09 9:13 AM

Ask him for a photo
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John884488 Blog

Hey Neo,

Thanks for a well-thought out article. You've put a lot of work into it I can tell. The advice is most excellent.

Love John ****

5/13/09 9:12 AM

Thanks Neo, well done I'll add your blog to


Special thanks for mentioning the rules and me being pleasant and firm

5/13/09 8:28 AM

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