What A Girl Wants..again

This has been reposted, as the original has mysteriously disappeared. Sorry for the inconvenience.  What A Girl Wants..

What a girl wants, what a girl needs, whatever makes me happy sets you free...to paraphrase a song. Unfortunately, guys, it's true. Thanks to the large number of men on the site, for you to get anywhere you must please the women on here. Since I am feeling sweet I am about to offer up some gentle advice from the fairer ****. While I must confess most of us do not troll the profiles looking for you, if we have met via the blog or forum chances are the next step is checking you out via your profile. Make it a good one or you can lose us right here.

  Tag Line: this is your first impression, so make it a good one. As charming as "wanna ****" may sound  to you, it does not inspire anything but loathing in women. We already know that is the end goal for most of you on here. Try something that tells what kind of man you are. Women (generally) are way more interested in that. And don't forget both intelligence and humour are **** as hell.  

 Pictures: Hmm..this can be tough, but it is very important. You must post a photo to get even a second look. There are too many guys on here willing to post a pic for you to have a chance. As a woman, preference is for face pics. However, we are practical creatures, and understand not everyone can safely post a face pic. A nice body shot will do, a bulging bicep, or whatever you feel your best feature is. EXCEPTION to above rule.. PLEASE do NOT post a **** shot as your primary picture. It is okay to post them if you like, totally unnecessary, in my humble opinion. Just have something else for us to look at first. Besides, do you really want to be judged on that shot of it lying there semi-soft like some small **** snake. Even fully erect with your hand nearby for size comparison, its kind of ridiculous. Lastly, please post a current picture. We are not interested in what you looked like before, something recent enough for me to recognise you should you be lucky enough to get a meet.  

 escription: Honesty is the number one thing to remember. There are some crucial tidbits of information here. You may not realise that as you are skipping over things you consider unimportant.  Like age, most of us girlies are not going to say only guys 37 and 1/2 need respond, but most of us have a comfort range. Please understand there are women of all ages on here and you will be in the right bracket for someone.  Another important tidbit is marital status. Some of us don't play with married men, and some of us only play with married men. So be honest. You dont know what we are looking for, just be open we'll let you know. Build is not hugely important but again honesty is key, sooner or later you will be found out. Lastly and most important, what you are looking for is your best chance to let us know if we want the same things. If you are looking for a one night stand or a girl to bring home to ****. Tell us, we will know if it is a compatible situation.  

 Personal profile: where you are located, whether or not you can accomodate or travel can be VERY important. Distance may or may not be a factor. There are men and women who will gladly travel for a meet and some who need the convenience of having you in the same city.   The rest is just icing on the cake: cut vs uncut, shaved or not, generally are tantalising bits of interest, but not crucial.  

The **** CV: listed last but very important. Compatability, and mutual interests are important.  Please fill this out, it is good to know if you are dominant or not in the bedroom, if the only thing you want is to spend the day with your head buried between my thighs, or if there are specific things we can do to please you, or that will turn you off.   Once again, use wit and intelligence, most of us are not just looking for a dumb quiet guy with a great **** to F**k. Be honest, and be patient. It can be difficult to respond to the number of emails, and chats we ladies get. The genuine ones are pretty good about it even if only to say, sorry not inclined your way.  

Lots of luck,  




Apr 1, 09 1:20 PM


Not happy!
For me it should all be common sense.
The problem now is that neofni has increased my opposition. I mean it's so hard as it is without having to compete with the **** profiles and the like.

I guess some people need educating on basics

2/2/14 2:34 AM

done all that and still nothing..... 800 emails later not a cracker

1/20/14 5:35 AM

wow that said a lot and was very useful thanks!

1/5/14 1:32 AM

Thank you I am new to all this and sometimes you do get a bit disappointed nobody seems to want to chat with you why because you sound like your a total nut or a bit weird ( scary ) so woman will have nothing to do with you ? and it hurts ,you wonder why did you join this in the first place, but as you say there will be someone who is interested and you will have a second chance at stuffing it up lol so thank you for your advise and I'll keep trying

3/23/13 11:57 AM

so tell me when u want we to enjoy..........its been a long time........let us enjoy.....

1/14/11 3:33 AM

Reply to akhiljee
hi u look ****

9/26/10 3:45 PM

Really a Very Good Read
should probably be required reading , one reason is even though i agree totally , and know this ,I still need to be slapped upside the head . If not but to just wake me / us up . Good Stuff

7/7/10 3:34 AM

Merci beaucoup !

10/22/09 12:14 AM

Ask him for a photo
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Reply to neofni

Indeed I do have work to hand in, so that is even more great advice you have given me xx
With a bucked and spade and a handgrenade.... I go, I go, I go xxxx
Bye bye

4/2/09 10:31 AM

Reply to ADSR

That'll teach me to be nice to you wont it. LOL. I never even saw that coming. Very clever. Now get back to work dont you have some stuff due on Fri?

4/2/09 2:52 AM

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