He's just not that into you.

Back to the issue at hand, breaking the cycle that landed me in a life with 15 YEARS of celibacy.  If you have been following my misadventures, you know that the first guy I gave a chance to backed out.  The cutie I met for try number 2 has me all confused.  We met, he extended the meeting into the early am, and the email I got later ends with "best regards".  What the heck does that mean in guy speak?  There is a new movie called He's Just Not That Into You, I dont know if thats what this means or if '"Best regards'' means there is still hope.  Please, please, please let it mean there is hope. This guy is pretty awesome and I think we could really complement each other for a discreet relationship. Well guys, translate for me please. It kinda like y'all know the words "we need to talk" are generally the **** knell for a relationship. Am I obsessing over this? Hell yeah but you live with 15 years of celibacy and tell me you wouldnt be climbing the walls too. I am so close to having **** again I can almost taste it. LOL. Last question, why are all the open minded guys in the UK?  It's Mardi Gras here, wish one of you had come for carnival.



Feb 22, 09 6:55 PM


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He didnt have me so to speak.

2/22/09 9:03 PM

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|I hate to be the one to break it to ya, but it doesn't sound very encouraging. What? Not even a mention of wanting to rip your knickers (or should that be panties, in the states, lol) off? Don't despair, there's plenty more fish in the sea. Unfortunately a site like this will attract more than it's fair share of, shall we say odd ones- Take me for example, lol. By the way another excellent blog. Good luck on your further adventures.

Luv Pulp ****

2/22/09 8:14 PM

I think he means he has had you but dont want you sorry if thats not what you want to hear ****

2/22/09 8:09 PM

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