We Are Born
**** fantasies/Erotic writing


In flight from the world
the black raven of my heart
soars sadly shifting sands
deaf to all words rhymed around
plummeting from my celestial garden
falling like angels in halo rings

when all was the abyss
my wings spread towards light
incandescent love candle burned
around my triple cursed heart
june lights the temple magic
burns the incense to cleanse my soul

the stars rise to kiss the sands
words trumpet out the night
angels collide together in ecstacy
candles burning the demon out
a god emerges: love, love, love
a goddess emerges: love, love, love

in slow tongues speaking secret languages
they build a new world of their own
the time is now the angels are ****
passion permeates the ethereal
wrists bound and lips entwined
say my name and we are born.

May 9, 12 4:12 AM

Tags: erotic, poems


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