Winter Passion In The Park
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Its was our weekend out together having so much fun my lover and I was just out having a few drinks at and bar chatting with some friends and listening to some great music being played.The club was truly indeed jumping that night everyone really was having a good time partying very hard with alot of flirting going and many others getting there freak on.As time was going by me and my girlfriend decide to hit the road and just drive around still enjoying time together so we both went to the store got a few snacks and drinks.Its wasn't that cold out still riding around in town we both decide to creep into the park at night sometimes you may see other car there of folks having **** pleasure together.

We both begin to kiss each other very passionately slowly caressing and fondling our bodys in the car things was really getting very heated for the both of us.Getting out of the car she grab a blanket as I grab a small back pack fill with nothing pleasure for our nite of fun in the park.As we lay out the blanket on the ground hiding in the good part of the park where no can see what is going,sitting on the blanket we both began to kiss passionately.Fondling,caressing each other very slowly as our kissing grew very intense she whispering in my ear telling me how she wants to taste my ****.Mmmmmm my **** was throbbing so hard getting so juicy wet with pure excitement of her hands caressing my **** and ****.I lifted up my top and unhook my bra in the front taking her tongue gently **** my **** all around making them get very hard sending a nice pleasure feeling through out my body.We both was wearing a shirt because we both always have **** just about everyday nothing but **** women who love **** all the time.She wasn't wearing a bra as she lifted up her top I began to **** on the beautiful **** ****,**** and hearing her lightly moaning while enjoying her **** my hand slowing caressing her body working my way down to her thighs.I slowly slide in two fingers inside that wet juicy **** still **** and **** on those **** as she is moving those hips,now kissing her with great deal of passion while stroking that **** very well with my fingers still inside **** it.

After stroking her **** I **** my fingers tasting that sweet nectar Mmmmmmm so good,she **** down on her back and had me to sit on her face spreading my **** open her tongue flicking my hard **** damn she was making **** get so juicy wet I felt her tongue slowly sliding in.OOooooh yes I close my eyes feeling the pleasure of that tongue going in and out stroking me very deep and so hard I'am moving my hips and stroking my **** on her tongue of pleasure.Oh **** stroke it good as I told her please don't stop she **** on my **** so hard without letting go nothing but strong **** going through my body while sliding fingers inside my **** stroking and **** me so hard.She gets up and change postion began to tongue **** me in **** she was hungry for my **** my lover was enjoying the taste of my very sweet ****.She had me moaning in so much pleasure I didn't want it to end the best tongue **** she has giving,****,**** and french kissing my **** Oh I didn't want the night to end she just had my **** flowing so juicy wet.

We both **** so hard in the park just forgot about it being cold out our heated passion keep us both warm indeed,her tongue stroking got my **** throbbing with so much pleasure I had to kiss her with all the passion from my heart caressing and fondling her body **** and massaging her **** I'm going between her legs kissing as I make my way to her smooth hairless ****.I slowly began to french kiss her **** lips and kissing her thighs as well I open up her **** looking at how juicy it was taking my tongue gently flicking her hard ****.Now I'am spreading open her **** **** all around her juicy wet hole my tongue slooooooowly sliding in very deep flicking it very well holding my tongue deep inside that wet sweet ****.Gentle stroking her **** so very well you can hear her moaning very hard begging not to stop wanting me to go so very deep with my tongue inside her throbbing ****.

I was so into **** that **** as her moaning beg for more deep hard pleasure I lifted up her bottom with her legs on my shoulders I'am pounding my tongue deep inside stroke after stroke I was so hungry for that **** I've given her the best tongue **** ever.Its was like mad passion with us both kissing and stroking each other **** with our hands I reach into the bag and grab a double dong.We both place each end of the dong inside our very wet pussies making sure our **** rub together I was on top grinding,tribbing and kissing her with all my passion.The dong just added extra pleasure of our love making in the dark park it made things even more heated as we both trush each other very hard and deep while our pussies **** the double that was inside us both.We both moaning but not loud keeping things on a down low my lover got on top began working her hips tribbing that **** on my **** still with the dong inside us both stroking and working it very hard we both feeling that pleasure vibe sweeping through our bodys.I felt myself about to **** so very hard she was about to do the same as well.The pleasure was great we couldn't help but to moan very loud lucky no one wasn't around to hear our passionate love making  in the park.After we both was done began to pack up everything getting to leave the park but one thing was done the final **** of each other pussies and we both kiss heading back to the car going home for some more passion of pleasure.

Jan 1, 13 4:09 PM

Tags: lesbian, toys


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wantfun238 Blog

Love your story. It is so hot. Really gets the **** juice going. Thanks for sharing.

12/3/13 6:49 AM

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