**** in the Kitchen
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

I hear a knock at my front door. I quickly jump up from the couch to see who was beating on my door at 2:00am in the morning. I grabbed my silk rob and walked over to my door. I looked out of my peephole only to notice it was my boo thang Mike. I quickly opened the door and greeted him with a long soft kiss. I secretly loved when Mike came over unexpectedly because we always end up having wild **** ****.

Mike came in and shut the door behind him following me into my spacious living room. I walked over to my red love seat and sat down. Mike sat right next to me. The way he looked at me with them green eyes always does something to me. He could stare me down any day. Mike started stroking my hair and rubbing the side of my face. Just feeling his hand against my skin made me want him even more. I know whenever Mike come over I know my **** body will be treated so **** good.

Once I could see Mike's hard **** bulging from is pants, I knew he wanted me just as bad as I wanted him. He grabbed my hand and lead me to my huge kitchen. There we stood holding each other so tight. I knew that my fantasy of being **** down in my kitchen was about to **** true. We started kissing again. Mike slid his tongue down my throat and I let him. It felt so good as our tongues danced together. Piece by piece our clothes slid to the kitchen floor. By now our bodies are so close. I can feel the heat from his body. My body wanted to dance with his body so bad.

Mike picked me up and carried me to the kitchen and **** me across the kitchen island. My **** caramel body covered the kitchen island so good. Mike took his hands and opened my legs like a bird's open wings, I guess he wanted to see all of my chocolate banana split. Mike bent down on his knees and began **** my **** up and down so slow. My moans fulled the kitchen as he gently **** and nibbled on my ****. It felt so good as he ate my ****, I couldn't help myself, so I grabbed the back is his head. Mike looked up at me and smiled with my sweet juices flowing down his chin. I loved to see a man enjoy my juices.

After Mike made sure I was truly pleased, he flipped me around so that he was standing up, and I'm on my back taking his big **** down my throat. Mike starts to **** my mouth slow at first while steady picking up the pace. The look in his eyes when his **** slid in and out of my mouth was priceless. As I **** his **** I could feel him growing inside my mouth. His throbbing **** filled my entire throat. By now Mike had reached down and is squeezing my **** so hard and pitching my ****. Oh yessssss! Mike!

Mike takes his **** out of my mouth, and he tells me that he to do something he has never did before. I looked up at him and said, you can do whatever you want to me ****! He smiled the biggest grin and walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed the can of whip cream. I had no idea what he wanted to do with it, but just the thought of it turned me on so much. Mike walked back to wear I am laying, and he flipped my body over so that I am now on all fours . Mike grabbed my **** cheeks and parted them. I looked back and noticed Mike filling my chocolate balloon knot with whip cream. The whip cream felt so cold inside of my ****. The contrast of Mike's warm tongue sent me over the edge. He buried his face deep inside my **** cheeks as he ate all of the whip cream out of my ****. He slowly slid his tongue in and out as I threw my **** back on his tongue. His tongue knew all the right tricks to do to make my toes curl.

Once he **** and **** all of the whip cream out of my ****, Mike picked me up and carried me over to the counter. He told me to arch my back, and he entered my tight **** with his big ****. At first it kind of hurt when he pushed it in. It went in slow and stopped once he was half way in. He told me to tighten my **** muscle around his **** and release it. I did that and every time I tighten my **** muscles Mike groaned in so much pleasure. I started to realized what Mike always wanted, and that was to ****, ****, and **** my ****, and his hard **** felt so good as he pushed the rest of his **** deep inside of my chocolate ****. He grabbed my hips and started pounding my **** so hard. The echos of my **** slapping against his body was just like music to our ears. Just then he picked me up while sliding me up and down on his ****. Mmmmm the way my **** stretched over his **** made my legs shake. **** me Mike I screamed. He started **** me harder. By now both him and I are **** wet from my **** and **** juice.

Just then Mike pull my body so close to his and releases his warm **** deep inside my ****. The warm liquid filled my ****. Instantly I felt Mike become soft. He lowered me down and I stood in front of him. Mike grabbed me and kissed my forehead, and told me that he wanted me to be his. I just smiled and kissed him on the cheek and said I am already yours because with **** your bodies become one. He playful scooped me in his arms, and carried me to the bedroom. He placed me in my king size bed **** **** and kissed every inch of my body until I fell asleep!


Jan 11, 14 5:05 PM


Wow, hot. I'm really into that kinda stuff. The erotic writing I mean, because you can create your own images in your head while reading. Gets me hotter than any ****. I find all kinds on the web and this one you would really like she (yep a female erotica writer) is on Smashwords. A good short stories book is on: www.smashwords.com/books/view/390041 And now If I had been the one taking you in your kitchen, I would've **** your **** too. Hmmm

4/10/14 9:15 AM

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karsic_... Blog

An enjoyable piece of writing.

Could be improved if you stuck to using the past tense. You occasionally slip into the current tense.

You occasionally contradict yourself. Was the door being beaten or knocked?
Also, you occasionally miss out words such as in:
" I secretly loved when Mike came ...", would be better as " I secretly loved it when Mike came ..."

Also are you sure it is a secret? The thoughts and actions don't match up.
I really don't think Mike thinks it i a secret.
If you love it then you love it.

With "The way he looked at me with them green eyes ...", it would come over as more personal and direct if you used "The way he looked at me with HIS green eyes...".

Spell checks don't always pick-up incorrect words.
While there are no spelling mistakes in "Once I could see Mike's hard **** bulging from is pants", I think you meant "from HIS pants"..

There are occasional time/event confusions.
"Mike starts to **** my mouth slow at first while steady picking up the pace".

He can't be doing it slowly and picking up the pace at the same time.
"Mike starts to **** my mouth slow at first, and then steadily picking up the pace"

Just a few tips to make it sharper and flow better.
Interested to know how he got the cream into your ****.
Did he use an icing bag?

2/1/14 1:14 AM

Wow, that was erotic enough, seems we have plenty of the same "LUV'S" I have a large tin of caned peach
es with your name on it, you will more than love it, it will take at least and hour to finish them and you will **** a lot. Wanna try it with me ?

1/22/14 4:52 AM

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1/14/14 1:53 PM

Mmmmm I'm glad you liked it. Whipped Cream is always good however you enjoy it! Don't you think?

1/11/14 9:51 PM

that was great and got me **** and i now want some whipped cream

1/11/14 9:47 PM

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