My story

Here's my story and what i remember,back in 1994(i have no memory of this,but was told by **** and was in the paper.I was walking home one night from a bar,in a snowstorm walking on the side of the highway same direction as traffic mind you,i was found laying unconscious next to a trucks outside mirror full of my blood and my head was split open.I lived in a village where the hospital was'nt equiped for trauma's.It was snowing too bad to take me to the nearest big city with a hospital that could take trauma paitience by helicopter,so they had to take me by ambulance like an hours drive or more away while trying to keep me alive.I reached the hospital andf the sugreons had to depress my skull and clean debri from it.My **** was told that i had a 10% chance of surviving and if i did more than likely i'd be in a vegetated state.Believe what you will,call it GOD or a supreme being,i'm living proof that something,i like to call god pulled me through.It's been nearly 16 years and after extensive rehabilitation where i actually had to learn how to walk,talk,eat,almost everything a toddler would go through.I do take medication for anxiety,panic attacks,and a sleep disorder.Which i have'nt experienced while taking my medication.Social Security has determined me mentally disabled,so i do recieve a disability check each month,i live alone,i'm self sufficient except i can't get my liscense back because my mind has been known to draw a blank and lose sight of my surroundings,wihich has'nt happened in years but according to the doctors it could.If you made read this much,maybe you'll understand.If you were to meet me you'd never know right off that i was brain injured,maybe a **** by my actions.The sad thing is i have very **** memory of my ****.Right now i have everything i need in my life except a woman to love,to cherish,to spoil,to be one with her,my soul mate.Are you here somewhere?? 

Jul 31, 10 1:36 AM

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Reply to honey514
Thnx honey for taking the time to read my blog.The 1st thing to reply with is after all these years without someone i feel like giving up.But i never will,i love the fermale gender too much.......

8/1/10 5:12 PM

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