People don't stop to help nearly enough...
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Today I was shopping after work at the store...  An older lady fell out of her chair and was not moving!  What amazed me was how many people stopped, looked, and either moved on or just kept staring!!  Only myself and another lady took action to assist this person.. I rushed to her side and called 911 while trying to get her to respond, the other person was holding her hand..  It ended up being a seizure, and she was taken away in the ambulance.

Now, there was not much that the lady and myself could do, but it still amazes me how pre-occupied other people are that they just dont want to get involved, or just dont care...  I really hope my life never depends on the kindness of strangers.. Just sayin..



Aug 30, 11 2:34 AM

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Dee1970 Blog

Bystander apathy - the more people there are around the less each individual feels the need to act. Thank God not everyone is brainless enough to just stand there and gawp. Feel lucky you've got more about you than them!

8/30/11 11:14 PM

there should be more people like you around .. i know i would help anyone

8/30/11 12:04 PM

Well done you ,

8/30/11 9:35 AM

I know it's criminal how self involved people can be.

8/30/11 4:19 AM

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