Honesty and an Open Marriage

Honesty! For myself, there are three things that sit at the core of my being. Respect of others, self respect and honesty.

It would seem that for many women here, there is an oversized question mark against my honesty. Whilst I know full well, that many a person on sites such as this, lie about thier  marital status, in an attempt to not appear as the **** husbands that they are. Whilst I do not condone such lies, the past few years has me at least understanding the motives.

  I am proud of my wife and my marriage and have never seriously considered having my status as single. However, the constant rejection based solely on my marital status does have a tendancy to get a man down. I'm mean really! If I was lying and therefore **** on my wife, would not it be better for me to state that I am single? Instead, I freely state in my description that I am in an open marriage and weather the enevitable rejections as a result.

  A profile, when looked at fully should give the reader far more information than what is written. The type of photos used can reflect the prescence of self respect, an artistic nature or even a mischievous bent. The way it is written can reveal a persons level of education and maybe even social status. I have always hoped that my profile would reflect amongst other things  my honesty. This it would seem is not often the case, but I'm not sure if that is simply due to a high level of sceptisim by those few ladies who look over my profile.

So! I am open and honest about my marriage! So what you say. How does that honesty work within my marriage itself?  The same applies. Honesty, for my way of thinking is crucial in any relationship, without it there can be no trust. Without trust there is no relationship. My wife and I entered into this polyamorous relationship only after establishing a set of ground rules. One of the most important being total honesty.  We know at all times the details of each other's meets. The name and address of any liaison is shared prior to going anywhere. Dishonesty is cancerous to any relationship, it's very prescence is usually the beginning of the end and that is something that I, am not willing to risk.

Honesty. Is a sign of respect to those around you and something which I have no intention of compromising.  



Feb 2, 14 1:49 AM


try putting in your profile that you are only looking for women in the same situation as yerself....theres plenty on here ...you could search for the same...

afterall...how can you be sure that a burd who says shes single aint lying...

2/2/14 12:02 PM

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