My first lesbian experience
**** experiences

When I was about 12 I realized that women and **** made me feel quivery inside. It was like a crush... I didn't know that it was **** attraction at that time. But by the time I was 14 I really loved girls and wanted so bad to hold and kiss one. I had been **** since I was 10 so I knew what an **** was and I wanted to share it with someone special so they could feel that same satisfying pulsing sensation.

One day my best friend and I were laying on my bed just talking and reading a magazine and I asked her if she had ever done this (rubbing her **** outside her slacks). She moaned and said she hadn't but it felt good. I kept rubbing and finally leaned over and gave her a long soft kiss. She responded and we started to go farther. I unzipped her pants and put my hand between her legs, sliding my fingers past her **** and inside her. She was so turned on that she pulled my blouse up and started to **** on my ****...oh that was the most wonderful feeling! It was her first **** and it was huge...I could feel her pulsing around my finger inside her and knew how good it was. I asked her if she would play with my **** and she said she gladly would. Kissing me, it took about 30 seconds to finger **** me to the best **** I've ever had.

Until we graduated, we were lovers and no one knew. We dated boys, even **** a couple but we were lesbians and we loved each other more. Today she has a ****, a husband and **** who don't know how much their ****/wife and I loved each other and how much we enjoyed each others bodies for 4 years.

I went on to get married and have a **** too but tried to have an occasional girl when one showed interest. No one knows even now but I am **** lesbian now that I am single again. I know that I only get the best **** when I **** a woman. I love being a sexually active lesbian and remember that tender first moment with my best friend and best lover ever. Maybe someday she'll be single again and we can be lovers till we die.

Oct 22, 10 4:51 AM


It seems you are still in love with your best friend.

10/24/10 4:36 PM

wow,that was quite an interesting read,id lokie to watch you with another woman **** and **** each other...where you from by the way?

10/22/10 7:22 AM

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