just read what i took the time to write

i take the time to write my profile to describe what i am and am not looking for then i get a lot of responces from people who don't take the time to read what i put down. if you are expecting to find what you are looking for online then you should really take the time to read what the person your about to send a message to is looking for.there is great excitement when you recieve a new message a wonder about who you are about to embarq on a new conversation with and what fun it could lead to. then to have to spend so much time removing unwanted contacts and to see that there are people who just click their mouse and contact anyone that appears in front of them without the consideration of checking them out first is depressing.

you put yourself out there hoping to find the one that will spark your interest and who will give you what your looking for only to get buried in a bunch of things that have nothing to do with why you desided to try this site out in the first place. i have given up on a few sites for these reasons because people jump on them not taking the time to care what others what they are just here for their own amusement.

you took the time to fill out your profile to list what your attacted to and what you are looking for so do the person you are going to contact the respect of reading what they took the time to post first. don't waste each others time if there is no commonality there. you could have been using that time to communicate with someone who could be perfect for you or you could even **** miss out on "the one" because you just went click...click...click.

Jan 30, 11 3:25 PM


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