My August Party

I wanted this, my first entry to be brief. Consider this a snapshot of a small sample of the things I love to do.

Our last party was in a town in update NY. The hosts owned a large farm so it was very secluded. The party consisted of about 150 people of all sizes and ages. A field was prepared for all the RVs and tents and it was packed. There was a stabe for the band, a tent for dining and dancing and a gigantic play tent with four beds. What a site, not only were the grounds beautiful, but everyone was so so friendly.

Our neighbors were a nice couple. Of note was the size of his ****. Not that I **** attention to that kind of thing, but all the ladies passing by just could not believe it. It was enourmous and always with a semi-hardon...

Well, that evening we went to the main tent and dance to the band. They were awesome. Later the band was replaced by a DJ and he definatly picked some great stuff. I do love all sort of music but lately Lady Gaga and Adele are up on my list. Then I noticed the play tent was getting busy. I took my partner over to watch and it was very very hot. Lots of **** bodies in all sorts of positions. We were watching from afar. I wanted to get closer, but D (my partner) was hesitant. She is a bit on the shy side. So I walked over and a guy, who was getting a nice BJ form this 20 something cutie. As she was blowing him, her legs werer point off to the side, spread **** open. The guy looks at me and asks, "want a taste". Well, no sooner said than done. It was a very ****, tight, fully shaved ****, my favorite. I liicked that hot **** for a while. Then I want back to D and she said, "kiss me, I want to taste her". Man, it doesn't get any better than that.

We went back to our tent, leaving the front **** open, and **** like crazy, watching all the strange people walking by as I was pounding away. So, so hot.


Sep 6, 12 6:35 PM


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