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Back in High School, I was one of the tallest ****, despite being a visible minority in a mostly Caucasian-Dominant school. But also one of the thinnest. At 6 feet 2 - 6 feet 4 (I grew 2 inches between then and now), I weighed in at just under the borderline of normal weight and under weight on the BMI scale. 135 lbs.

I looked up online for resources on how to gain weight and bulk up in muscle so I could look more normal. For most East-Asians like myself, we don't really have a big build even when we are tall, unlike Africans or Caucasians. But I wanted to be like my friends who were in football, basketball, and hockey. Not too buff, but somewhat athletic medium build.

I did crosscountry running and track during high school, and helped out with managing the basketball team for a bit as well. But with all that cardio and running... plus my extreme fast metabolism, no matter how big my appetite was, I could never gain anything.

After experimenting with protein shakes and different protein diets during my college years (frankly, I'm still a college ****, not knowing what to do in life.... will get back to this in another entry), I finally managed to gain about 30 lbs now. Although most of that weight is in my legs (making me look like a Triangle...haha), I'm glad to know that I'm almost at my goal of 90kg or 200 lbs. 35 lbs to go. heh.

I'm not easy to motivate nor do I make good habits for myself, but once I set my mind to doing something, I will do it without a break. I like working on my back muscles, shoulders, and abs, but not neccessarily my arms... so my parents and sisters say that I do look bigger like a snowman with stick arms. xD

I work out 5 times a week changing my exercises everyday so that I can equally strengthen all parts of my body. I do cardio about 3 times a week to burn off any extra fats I get from holiday dinners (like this week's Canadian Thanksgiving, and last month's Korean Thanksgiving). Cardio is also about stamina for me, and it was one thing I could pride myself in back in high school during badminton tourneys and marathons (small 10 mile ones).

It looks like this journey is not even halfway through, as the toughest part of gaining muscle weight hasn't even started yet. Hopefully I can push myself to gain what I need by the end of next year.

Oct 15, 13 2:38 AM


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