The walls have...eyes...

I slept down in the basement of my of my parents house when I was in my early twenties...They had a huge old house....They decided to have it painted one summer...They hired a painting company who had to scrape and prep the wood before it could be painted...There were young painters all around the house...scraping here and never knew where they were hot afternoon I was in my basement room listening to some music and enjoying the coolness of being out of the hot afternoon sun...I had a slow ****  White Snake  song playing on my stereo...i had just taken a few bong hits and the music started making me feel a **** **** and **** I started dancing around my room slowy stripping off my cloths to the song... Is This Love?..That song always makes me feel ****...I was dancing in front of my full length mirror...slowy running my hands over my big ****...squeezing them together ...being as nasty as I could be...i began pinching my tiny rose bud ****...trying to get them a pretty deep pink colour...I grabbed my makeup bag and grabbed my cheek blush out and began brushing my rose colour blush on my tiny erect **** while I kept slowly moving to the music...I piled my long red hair loosely on top of my head and held it there with a hands slowly worked their way over my **** and fell to my hips...I grabbed a gazey scarf off my dresser and danced around pulling it between my legs...up to the **** of my big creamy white ****...slowy teasing my **** with the soft material...I **** back on my bed...spreading my legs...looking at myself... in the mirror that hung on the backside of my door...across from my bed...I was spreading my legs and and touching my **** when I **** a glimpe of two faces in the window in the  reflection of my mirror...Two of the painters were watching me through my basement windows...and I had just **** them watching me ...and it made my **** just cream with desire...It **** turned me on much knowing they were watching me...I wondered how long they had been there!..I felt so ****...I **** on my bed ...stretchered my legs out and as **** as i could... making sure I was at the right angle for my audience to see my sweet ...wet ****...and I masturbated...until I came so hard ...I squeezed my legs together and arched my back ...and out of my mouth i gasped and moaned and really gave them a show...I'll never be able to listen White Snake's...Is this Love? song without a big **** **** grin on my face...I found out that day...I enjoy being watched...and I haven't stop enjoying since...

Feb 17, 14 12:03 PM


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2/22/14 6:52 PM

Reply to A-Woman

coming being the operative word there o'**** signorita...

2/20/14 6:27 AM

Love the writing!! Keep it coming girl

2/18/14 4:24 AM

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