You Never Know Who's Watching...

My **** was middle middle class growing upin Ne Portland,,,When I was in the first grade when  my parent bought a home in NE Portland...we wereapart of a wave of young **** moving into the Irington area...the hoyuse were beautiful and we moved in ...the old people werejust moving out way or another...there werealot of single elder women living all alone in these huge ...3 stiry homes ...they werewaiting to go be with their husbands ...and hadno intendtionsof moving aswemoved in by one theolder folksleft and young **** moved in...the house my parentsbought was in very like shape...except it desparley needed a paint job...but as young growing **** finding the funds for such an under taking took years to save by the time i vwas turning 16 parents decided to have it painted...peofessionally...,

Oct 6, 13 7:07 AM


Ill be waiting ...although i am not a very patient man.....and you will **** for your impertinance with your ****.......whats the longest you have erver worn a large **** and chastity harness?

10/15/13 11:35 AM

Reply to TheWhipper
good things **** to those who **** won't be disappointed...but i bet you might enjoy me even more...once i get over this **** mind blowing...nose blowing ...head cold!...oh i do like your makes my **** tingle with expectation...

10/10/13 12:19 AM

I am getting tired of waiting for you......if you are truely interested then get your **** in gear , get on **** and lest spend a few nights talking before i come and "take" your ****.

10/9/13 5:55 PM

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