Hide and seek...

The childhood game "hide and seek" was probably never meant to be played quite the same way it was played in my neighborhood growing up...a whole gang of **** from 25th street down to 15th ave would gather at dusk...set up the boundaries...determine who was not it...and who were the seekers...started the count down  from a hundred...and the game begins...Out of the whole neighborhood there was only 5 girls playing...myself and my two best friends, Jackie, who's nickname was Piglet...and ****, everyone called her Beaver...because she had the biggest two front teeth that you've ever seen...and then the other two girls were **** sisters of the Evans...The local bully brothers...all 6 of them...anyway, the count was down to about 39 and i hadn't found a good place to hide...i was running through this old houses backyard that had grass waist high...when a hand reached up out of the grass a snagged me by the bottom of my tank top...and pulled me down...i fell and scrapped my knee on the hard ground...i hit so hard...i knocked the wind out of me...i almost started crying...until i realize i'd been shaghided by not just one of the ol neighborhood boys ...but, by Kevin...ahhhh the older paperboy that everyone had a crush on...even by some of the boys i swear...well, i think they call it..hero worship...everyone thought Kevin was the next best thing to white bread...he was 17 ...he had a job...he was the oregonain paperboy boy for gosg sake, what was he doing in the tall grass? and why was he grabbing and pulling me down on top of him? what did he have in mind...He told me he wanted to play...and he looked at my leg and saw the blood soaking through my 501 jeans...he told me how sorry he wasi that I got hurt and suggested that i let him doctor my knee up at...you guessed it...back at his house...

Sep 5, 13 5:15 AM


Reply to kosgo
keep going.the story is just starting to get good.what happened next?

10/24/13 5:30 AM

Reply to tonch30150
i'm working on it ****...

10/10/13 8:41 PM

find me.!'ll be waiting.

9/20/13 6:51 AM

Reply to kosgo
so? are you gonna finish the story someday? or a you starting a new one?

9/18/13 12:57 AM

Thanks for the mail but im not a regular member so i could not open it .
I would be happy to chat with you. You can reach me at ..[sorry. contact details are not allowed]
I hope to hear from you.

9/17/13 2:04 PM

how i'll have to finish my story about the neighborhood hide and seek game...

9/17/13 6:40 AM

my neighbors wife played a similar game with me one Saturday morning while I was over her house helping her move some boxes when I was 13.she called it hide the salami(mine) in her mouth until it grew and blew.i cried and she gave me 10 bucks and I promised not to tell. a couple of weeks later,i did it for free.

9/17/13 3:50 AM

Ill just bet you enjoyed being "found"

9/16/13 8:45 PM

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