My journey begins

While my parents had their hands full with my siblings...I began developing in to a  young woman...everyones attention was on the three squicky wheels...Lori Joe became **** at 16, and had a bi-racial **** (in the early 70's that was not very accepted) ... while David, honded in on his bank robbing skills and herion addiction...and **** Timmy developed the taste for Southern Comfort and fatherhood...i'm not sure in which order. So that leaves me...Sweet **** ol Kellee **** discover this... this power ...this ora , if you will... I woke up one morning feeling diffirent...defidently looking that time i didn't know much about be coming a woman...i was a **** frighten when i saw the bright red blood stain on my brand new quilt i had just received for my 12th birthday...i was confused...i had gone to bed a sweet innocent young girl... but.awoke to this new person..deep down inside me i just knew all was okay...i tuirned to look at my reflection in my dresser mirror...and , there staring back was a new face...a new body...and a Bra size of a 36 DD...  anyway you want to put it...I had a body that said, WOMAN...and a mind that just wanted to learn how to dance the pony...and wear Go Go boots...**** did I know I had already taken the first few very important steps on a life long journey...a jounery of discovering my"Inner ****"...

Sep 1, 13 5:30 AM


I would love to compare notes...

9/14/13 6:08 AM

This brings back a lot of memories that I've never shared with anyone and will not in a blog. Perhaps we can share and go down that road together some time. Guaranteed to be interesting. It's about "how I learned about these things" and about myself.......

9/12/13 3:42 PM

:-**** read my "coming of age" blog...and please feel free to leave a comment...thanks Kellee

9/1/13 5:09 PM

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