It's all it?...

I found if i squeezed my legs together really tight...and touched myself...down there...I would get this wondeful wave of incredible feelings...i didn't know exactly what was going on...why it was happening...but, i had a pretty good idea it had some thing to do with me changing body was changing and i i wasn't sure if i was doing a good thing or a bad thing...All I knew wasen ... I wanted to feel it more...sometimes up to three or four times a seemed to be always on my mind...i remember feeling ashamed...thinking that something feeling that great, must not be good for you...thats whrn I began watching other people...trying to imagine if they also did it...Mental Note...don't even try to visual your parents doing it...yuk...

Sep 3, 13 10:31 PM


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10/10/13 8:40 PM

go to recent posts and message boards and i'll squeeze my legs together for you

9/29/13 3:50 PM

Thank you for the nice comments...i've never written a blog before ...I'm not even sure if I'm following the correct protocol...I want to tell a continuing story of my coming of age and the many interesting people , both good and bad that I've met along the was...but, due to being a busy **** of a 10 and a 12 year old...I don't get the chance to write as often as I would like...and over time I lose focus...i didn't even know if anybody really even read, now that i see people may actually be reading ...I will put more of an effort in following through in a timely manner to keep my story flowing...I sure do have many adventures to tell...and i enjoy sharing just how naughty I can , I hope you 'll continue to follow along with me on my journey of discovering my Inner ****.

9/20/13 7:15 AM

Reply to kosgo
I've been reading your blogs you are a pretty good wrighter. you kept my **** hard plus the fact I find you to be very **** to boot.i only wish we lived near enough to meet but I know that will never happen. when are you going to wright something else?

9/17/13 2:25 PM

i think i've already done it...

9/17/13 7:43 AM

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9/17/13 7:30 AM

i don't know...but it better happen got my full attention...i'll show you mine ...if you show me yours...

9/17/13 6:45 AM

Reply to tonch30150
we are just going to have to figure something out...i met this great man in the chat rooms that paid for me up to b2018...and that reminds me...if ________is reading this...and you know who you are...i owe you...thanks for your's nice to know that here is still gentlmen in this world...and if you ever want to go around the world with me...just u **** find me...XXOO ...Anyway, my friend i want to hear more of your tales of **** exploration...please don't leave before we can chat... XX Kellee

9/17/13 6:35 AM

my membership ran its free forums or commenting on your blogs until we figure something else out if we wanna chat.find a way to find me.oh yea,in 5th grade we had ****.class and the teacher told all the boys (it wasn't a co-ed class)that if in bathtub,we put soap on our peepees,and rubbed it long enough, it would grow and **** would shoot out. I got all red and quiet,cause i was already doing that.

9/17/13 4:07 AM

I would like to tell you some of my fantasies but not in this forum. If you could contact me at rgbotr,my **** messenger or rgbotr@****.com,we could go from there.

9/4/13 5:36 PM

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