**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Midnight Caress

By Kitty

Co. 2011, Jan 1

There they stood in the mist of the sultry midnight air. Their bodies pressed upon one another as their desires of lust have over **** their passion. He captures her faint body in his masculine arms with his gentle touch caressing her silken soft skin. She is melting away with passion in his presence. He heart beats faster and fainter with every breath he takes upon her face as he leans in to taste her luscious lips. The Leaves lay scattered among the ground allowing the dandelions to barely peek through. The Oak hammock that shields them from the bright beaming autumn sun has aided in developing the mist that lingers through the night air. As he **** her upon the bed of freshly fallen leaves she can smell the calling of her inner human desires. Her loins begin to moisten as he caresses her chest and slowly gnaws upon nave of her neck. She knows that to lay here staring through the trees at the stars in pure pleasure would be delightful. However, it is her **** drive to devour. She thrusts him aside with force and pounces on top with great prowls. Ravishingly she works her way from head to nave as she ever so delicately approaches his hardening shaft. She grasped his knob between her lips and began to thrust back and forth. She could feel the pulsing rush in his shaft developing which drove her mad with hunger. The longing to taste his sweet juice as it flowed from deep with in. At the climatic moment when her Clint couldn’t take no more she slid her body along his chest to wrap her freshly shaven crown mounted around him for the pivotal moment. Then the two lie in among the leaves and dew **** and ****-fortably numb.



what do you think???

May 5, 11 3:10 AM

Tags: stories, fun


I would definitely enjoy being part of that fantasy. Quite arousing!

2/6/12 1:47 PM

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