Nothing like a **** Old Man

Every night for the last week or so I have been approached by an older man asking me if Im ****.  I just laughed it off and thought answered no, sorry your about 4 hours too late amosnt other reponses.  Then over the last 3 or 4 days he has asked me to watch him pull himself on ****.  No matter how much I change the subject or tell him that I dont like it he insists on still asking me and talking **** to me.   My spoon is so big but this guy just didnt take the hint.  

Normally I would have this person on block by now but its interesing seeing this person is so confident behind their computer that they think that they will impress me enough if they ever come to town which he apparently does for work from time to time.  

The reality is I dont get off on **** and dont get off watching all i want to do is meet nice people that I can have real **** with.  Quality not quantity is my goal.... 

Old man you know who you are you need to get your hand off it and get back to reality.




Jun 21, 14 8:19 AM


Reply to brissyman181
Been interesting after having another big mickey session with the same guy the other night he admitted that the chase is exciting now i know that I can change my tact with him again. lol...

7/5/14 3:02 PM

Hmm it's one thing to talk **** but some people don't take a hint it also doesn't hurt to be polite and chat First as not everyone likes ****....... Doesn't do it for me either by the way prefer in

7/5/14 2:59 PM

Block button is something I use every day normally but this one is has such an ego its interesting to see his reaction. He left me alone last night.

6/21/14 9:11 PM

when i first joined this site and found the FORUM......i read that a girls best friend on here woz the BLOCK BUTTON....tiz there for a reason......helll.....i've even used it me self...

6/21/14 3:36 PM

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