My first time with a Cougar?
**** experiences

I met this woman in Bandra near Bandstand, she was exotic and much older than me. She was around 30's but she looked like she was in her 20's. She drove up next to me and ask if I wanted to take a ride with her and so much was going through my brain. I just froze for a sec and then said no thank you and continued to start walking....

She came a **** bit in the front and asked me again in the most sexiest way possible 'wanna **** for 2000'. I paused and said 'I'l come but no money no strings and no trouble.' She smiled and opened the door for me. Some of the people outside the car was trying to see who or what this person is. I had the best view, she wore a dress that could make you **** hard just looking at her and eyes that would make you go **** and lips that would melt your brain and when the light hits her from the opposite direction, it felt like she froze in time. 

I can't tell you where we went but she planned everything and what we did was something eternal, she taught me couple of things which i will never forget and I taught her everything and more what I knew. I started slow with some teasing and touching and my special move 'wet spots' (She loved it) I was in control the whole time even though she started like that in the beginning only because I let her (she looks like a woman in control). (every man should always treat a woman with respect) - YOU HAVE NO CHOICE! The rest is History and we were at it for 5 1/2 hours. After that she asked me what's my name I told her Joe and I didn't asked her beacause you have to understand women. This woman would tell me without even me asking her and she did. I told her this is not even my real name and she said mine too. We smiled and I walked up to her and told her You look beautiful and you took my breadth away, thank you. She smiled and we did it again for another hour and then she dropped me back at Bandstand. I didn't giver her my number neither did I ask her for hers. Before leaving I stared at her as she drove and when she stopped she looked at me and said with a smile 'What?' 

I **** her hand and kissed it and said, I had an amazing time and if i'm lucky I'll see you again? and She said maybe. I told her that sounded good and said our goodbyes. 

I did not have **** for money, I made love with a Woman. Somethings you can't put a price on..

Oct 1, 13 10:52 AM


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