my 5 secrets

I could only think of 5 secrets, but i think i do have more. come and find out he he


1. I followed my older brother and sisters' lead on sniffing lacquer (paint thinner), to get high when I was only 10 yrs old for a 3 month stint until my dad found out and told me it eats your brain cells. Scared the hell out of me since I was almost a straight A student at that time and my academic acceleration was the main source of my self esteem.

2. When I was in my teens and our old dog use to bark endlessly, I use to give her a few "kicks" to shut her up. what a shame..

3. I crave the salty taste of a womans ****, so its not just an act that allures me, its the flavor.

4. I secretly would like to be Robbie Williams.

5. There are times during road rage I would seriously like to push somebodys elses car off the road with my car to get them the hell out of the way.


Would be great to hear some of your naughty secrets now, girls..ok boys may join in too


Feb 17, 09 1:23 PM

Tags: secrets


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