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When a person comes to a website such as Be Naughty, especially when you're a guy, you have to weigh whether or not you want to "buy into" the site.  Most **** dating sites are filled with fake profiles and phantom profiles.  They call them interest motivators - I think its a gimmick to get you to drop your money into their pot and then realize that your chance of getting any type of real connection is a million to one.  Been there, done that...too many times.

So along comes a site like this one - which is right up there with AFF (**** Friend Finder), where you actually have genuine women and men on the profiles.  But I am in the #POSIITION that "I've been burned so many times" that I'll not put money into such a site ever again.  But also, I can't have my activity on this site showing up on my credit card.  So #BLOGGING may be my way of getting to know you ladies.  I am not looking for **** from the first lady I see.  I'm older, wiser and mostly, I enjoy conversation and naughty thought sharing - it takes a lot to get this older gent fired up - I've heard it all and am tainted.  Show me genuine appreciation and respect and I might actually open up about #ME - and you might find out what a gentleman I am (and what a #FREAK I can be).

Question for the ladies:  What is your experience with this website and others that claim they'll give you the #BEST #**** #EXPERIENCE - don't be shy!


Do you ladies find this site to be fulfilling your desires?

May 9, 14 7:01 PM


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The site works very well, but you have to see past the promotional blurb and view it as what it actually is: A giant **** social network. There are people here for all sorts of reasons, and half the time they don't actually know why they are here themselves, other than they have a "need" and look to someone to meet that need.

Ironically, the best time to attract someone is when you don't have a need and you find someone who you just get on with. Blogging is a great way to advertise yourself so people can get to know you on their own terms.

5/11/14 1:31 PM

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