Venus of my Dreams
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Beautiful, sweet and exotic Venus

Already my heart beats with a strength

That confirms the pleasures of heaven

Visit their wonders upon a man unworthy

Of such gracious gifts.


You, Venus, make my heart beat and my body to heat with passion

Your words sing and vibrate in tones of flaring desire

My dreams are filled with wants and needs of wild communion

Hours of virile flirtation ruching towards eruptions

To be stopped and started again

The laughter of yet new intimate love

Driving away deep concentration of obligation

And the buried burden of your position

Causing your spirit to grieve.


Sweet longing marks its lingering

With want, so vivid that I feel the lathered lotion

Loiter around locations blessed by **** ****

Like steaming rain washing a heart bursting with libidinous langour

The temptation to touch your seraphic yet voluptuous physique

Almost overwhelmed by ardours brazen scent

Every erect particle of passion, privately provocative

Wanting to express the strength you have stirred

Embracing the eroticism unearthed by your intoxication words.



Jun 1, 14 8:45 AM


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