Mixing Work and Pleasure.....
**** experiences

Hard to express lengthy in English. I always find myself writing sharp and to the point as English had been always my working language and have to make sure I am clear and to the point. So here it goes...

Had a temporary boss, not anymore, was for 2 months until the new VP arrived. So much **** tension that is exhilarating. Nothing happened and I have this rule never mix work and pleasure as I have seen how friends got hurt, lost their jobs or their ways. This guy is very intelligent, sharp and fast and is the only one that keeps up with me (I know it sound snobbish but I am not). There is this ‘underwater’ communication in meetings we just look at each other and know we are thinking the same direction, the same questions, the same humor .

He got married a few months ago but his wife stayed in another country, he moved alone and she visits him once a month. He married her because he wants **** instant, he is forty and  you can see and he says openly he is not in love with her.

I am afraid of myself of my head, the last email he sent me, a reply to some work email I sent and he wrote I am back next week  from XYZ country I am all yours then, kisses.

I am taking distance, flying to a congress in another place, won’t see him for a while. But I have this feeling that something will happen. Scared, excited, wanting and frighten.

What would you do? Or have you been in a similar situation? Advise is welcome

Thanks guys

HW ****

Feb 6, 11 6:11 AM


Reply to HotWife40
Well, all I can say is that this site would lack some excitement if you were more cold. ****

5/26/11 5:07 PM

Reply to bartender78

Thanks Bartender ****. I think is more within myself the struggle. One part want to let this happen if it's
suppose to be the other logically knows is a mistake. Sometimes I wish I was less '**** or more cold

2/8/11 3:44 AM

I also believe keeping business and pleasure apart is vital, but you no longer work together, do you?
As long as you keep your emails as impersonal as possible (or any type of communication while you're in public), professionally (and yes of course personally) you should be all right, I think.

Or is it something else? What frightens you from within yourself?

2/7/11 5:51 PM

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