I have been naughty....
**** experiences

Incredible my first blog after a couple of years here on and off!

If I don't share I feel I will explode!

Who can I share this naughty experiences/thoughts? I am so different in my career in my regular life that the only place I can think of sharing this is here with you guys.

 I am sitting in the hotel room now is 1.30 am local time in Brazil, came for work. The flight was great, always fly AA but this time had to get earlier and the only one was TAM. The business class service is really nice.

My adrenaline normally is high with projects and great challenges, I love what I do.

So... the lights of the business cabin went off, I reclined my seat to sleeping position covered myself and started touching myself. Slow motions around my ****, my tummy and my hand travelled down. I got so **** I had to do something! Went to the bathroom, thanks god it was clean. I sat down and played with myself, started moaning and came so hard was afraid the steward sitting outside will hear me. I took my time to calm down, wash my face organized myself again and went out.

 The steward gave me such a big smile and I have the feeling he heard me....

 I am still **** by the way





Oct 29, 10 5:32 AM


I'm in Miami. Chat me up or write sometime.

8/11/12 3:10 AM

si hubiese sido yo el steward, te hubiese ayudado, te imagino masturbandote y me pongo cachondo, folllar en el lavabo de un avion debe ser bestial.


5/20/11 5:13 PM

I am in Boynton, maybe drinks sometime?

5/9/11 9:55 PM

Ask him for a photo
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Reply to HotWife40

So your saying there's a chance! Im wondering would you be a fan of my ****..cos i easily tick the other boxes. Love asses too!! MMMM

11/19/10 10:54 PM

Reply to doran77

Well I might be depends the person. their brain and...their ****

11/19/10 3:32 AM

Ask him for a photo
This member doesn't have a photo, click to ask him to upload a photo

Hey hotwife, love the sound of your story! Would this air steward have been **** than you?? Are you a fan of the **** male?

11/17/10 1:02 AM

Reply to

Charming...I am sure you do great with the ladys

11/7/10 3:34 AM

common **** lady, no big deal

11/6/10 9:31 PM

I am back!
Couldn't connect to Bn from Argentina! Grrrrrrr
On my return I met again with a flight attendant I flew a couple of times before. Soooo good looking, his smile and voice are amazing
So good to flirt mmm
I was a chicken....didn't do anything with him ...
Everytime I went to the bathroom he had to pass and squished me.

I might see him again in 2 weeks on my flight to NYC

11/6/10 1:07 AM

maybe just maybe he was the only straight air steward in the world.

perhaps you should have fluttered your eye brows and whispered in his ear what do i have to do to join the miles high club?

11/1/10 11:24 AM

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