Proud of who and what I am & what I do!!!
**** experiences

See, I am probably the luckiest homosexual in the world, because most of my life revolves around men! I've worked at four gay bars, and have frequented several others. I've done everything that a gay man can do in this world, from being an **** to being a title holding drag queen. Even now in my middle age period, I still manage to be a masseur for men, as well as the writer and director of chapter developement for an organization devoted to the homosexual group scene. And unless a wealthy man or a winning lottery ticket finds it's way to me, I will never be rich. But I do thoroughly enjoy my life.

I'm hosting a strip poker night for men on Saturday, and need to get ready for it. The rules are **** and I have to teach most of the guys the twenty or so kinds of poker we play. But it is usually a great time, if the guys are hot, willing, able, ready, brave and uninhibited. We usually have door prizes, a decent bar (supplied by the attendees) and a great spread...this time, I'm serving cake, pecan pie, chips, crackers, a few cookies and chili. There is usually a lot of **** going on, and the winner gets his wish...with a twist! And because I don't usually charge for my events, it is a great way to spend an evening...****, drinking and sexxing! 

As I said, I am a very lucky man!!!

Dec 9, 13 9:53 PM


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