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My wife is in a funk, and we haven't had **** in over 10 days.  I'm so incredibly **** that I can't stand it.  If something doesn't break soon in our relationship, I'm going to have to find a mistress on BN. 

I'm on a business trip this week, so I'm all alone in a Sheraton hotel room.  I've been thinking about the comments on my previous **** blog, especially the ones from ladies who like to watch their contractions and ****.  I climbed up on the counter in my hotel bathroom, and shaved my **** and trimmed by **** hair while thinking about how I would ****.  I lubed up my **** and ****, and started to slowly touch the shaft with one finger.  It slowly grew harder, and twitched as I touched it.  I could see my **** in the mirror, so I put some jell on my other hand and started to play with my anus.  It felt so good, so I put a finger in, then another, all while I stroked my **** with my other hand.  I eventually got four fingers in, and I started to stroke my prostate through the walls of my ****.  It made me rock hard.  I'm very straight, but I must admit that it turned me on to finger **** my ****.  I started fantizing about having a girl **** my **** with a ****.  I pumped my **** harder and harder.  I watched the head grow purple and expand as I felt the **** raising from my ****.  I'm usually not a big cummer, but I spurted multiple times all over the mirror and counter.  (More than in my previous blog about ****.)  It turned me on to feel my **** pulse with the fingers inside my **** while I came.

I'm getting turned on again just writing this.  I'm semi-hard, and some pre-**** is leaking out of my **** while I'm typing.  I need to **** again tonight. 

Oct 14, 09 1:46 AM

Tags: ****, ****, shaved, ****


awww wow i loved tht am all wet and **** gonna go and have a play i think.. i have always
fantazized of **** a guy in the asss **** a **** in mmmmmmmmmm xx

11/27/09 7:39 PM

Reply to seashell18
Your blog is the greatest. I love to read about how many different ways you **** and **** off your man.

10/14/09 11:52 AM

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