On quantum entanglement as it pertains to hot **** **** ****.
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There is intelligent life out there! I have proof.

We talked, sparred a bit, generally sniffed eachother out. Compared stories. Appraised. Generally good banter fun. Then, boom, she dropped some images on me and all I can say is...I am feeling the weight of the situation as it applies to my reality.

All states being present so long as they remain unobserved, I feel the wave collapsing. Twinges of excitement, fear (yes, a **** fear), and appreciation for being able to connect with someone, a real person. In this medium, discourse is intercourse.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong? Should I trade in my telescope for a microscope? Buckskins for a lab coat?

I suppose it's too early to say. I will remain a jack of all trades.

And let me be honest: I have chatted with people and had totally pleasant interactions previous to this. However, this was the first time that the possibility exists, that the waveform can collapse, that the box can be opened. Schroedinger needs to come and get his feline before I kill it. It's looking pretty nervous.

Nice kitty.

Dec 10, 10 4:58 PM


I am pondering the concept that in this medium discourse is intercourse. As a soon to married lady, I have to admit I wonder what the line is as I am not about to cross it.

Thanks, for the intelligent and thought-provoking blog. Now leave Schroedinger's **** alone.


12/10/10 8:12 PM

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