Another Saturday Night and I ain't got nobody: Sam Cooke tribute marking his 80th bday

Sam Cooke, by virtue of one greatest hits cassette my Dad owned,  taught me more about romance as a youngster than anyone else.  In some ways I can blame this influence for why I remain a failure in love relationships.  Songs like Cupid and What a Wonderful World , and Only **** , convey such an innocent, earnest childlike view of love, that I may have believed that love listened to those of us who stood to feel the painfull sting that love can deliver.  Love doesn't care, and love ain't fair. 

But love can soar with unbridled hopefull anticpation as conveyed in Ain't that good News, and love can tap into our feelings of sweet, tender, bliss that marks the begining of a big love affair as Sam sings so perfectly about in You Send Me.   Love can make a man have uncommon patience, and even teach the latest dance craze to his object of amor just to get on the dance floor with her, just like Everybody loves to Cha Cha Cha is conveyed in Sam's classic, smooth boogie, style. 

And unlike the false macho male roles perpetrated in much of todays music, Sam reminded us often that a man is very likely to be the helpless, love struck, sucker, **** to the hopeless nature of his quest for the undivided affections of his most desired love interrest.  Sam showed us fellows how to keep a smooth cool in the face of romantic disaster.  He taught us to love a woman through break ups and even her indiscretions, and sing her your blues as you head on down the road.  Never lose control of your anger, let alone beat or even kill someone, that you have loved.

I hope that the **** today are hearing similarly powerful lessons in love, romance, and acceptance of the pain of failed dreams, and the hopefull, foolish tingle, of new infatuations that always reappear even when we swear that we will never love again.

I admit that I have used Sam Cooke as my guide and ally in my search for female companionship.  And all of my real loves shared my love of Sam Cooke, or were easily convinced of his greatness.  So if any of you single women from my area (bay area), are Sam Cooke fanatics and see me as a possible parner in the crime of love run amuck, lets go twist the night away, because we are havin a party, So meet me Mary's Place  (if you know those three songs holler at me )  And anyone else who is a Sam fan and wants to share a thought or memory I would love to hear from you.  I think that Sam Cooke should be more widely celebrated in our culture.  He had a huge impact on future genres of music, he was politically active in the cause of peace and equality, he was a great, great ****, and a facilitator of successful efforts to avoid singing "Another Saturday Night and I ain't got Nobody" in front of the bathroom mirror as I may now do (My **** are here though, so I am not alone, and "Saturday night" can lead to said ****, so look before you leap)

So here is to Sam. My man.  Thank you.  And to the great forces that are love and romance and heartbreak, and to the women who I have shared the adventure with, thank you.  And to  love, (or more if needed), here I am,  Bring it on Home to me.  

(and just like magic, a nice text message from the one I would sing you send me to if she finally lets me in to her heart.  Luckily I have Sam on my side....anything is possible.)


Jan 30, 11 8:03 AM


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