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You kneel on my bed and reach up to a bar that I've rigged.  I come up behind you and lean against you to bind your wrists to the bar with sillk ties....you can feel my hard **** thumping against your ****, my chest against your back.  As soon as your wrists are bound, my hands move to your ****, grasping and fondling.   I pinch your **** hard, making your lips part, making your head roll back, until you whisper "Enough."  I lightly tease the tiny rise of skin between your areola and ****, lightly run circles around the bumps on your areolas.  

My hands move down to **** your ****, my fingers dip into your wetness and come back up, sliding over your ****, flicking it back and forth, pinching it.  My **** taps your inner thighs, wet with pre-****.  

You use the bar to lift yourself as I maneuver my face under you, tease you with my tongue before grabbing your **** and deeply tonguing your sweet spots.  I insert a finger at the same time to let me tongue focus on your **** while my finger taps the roof of your wetness.  I can feel you stiffening and hear you moaning.  You'd grab my hair with your hands right now if you could...instead you give all of your weight to the bar and lean into my mouth, letting me take you.  

When your **** hits I remove my finger and grab your thighs, pulling your hips into me as I **** and flick.

When your first one has passed I slide my body under you, slowly move my **** into you.  I run my hands up your body, along your bound arms, enjoying your muscle tone and your helplessness.  I grab the bar and pull myself up next to you, kissing you, letting you taste yourself on my tongue, letting you feel my flexed arms against yours.  

I lay back down and pull your hips into mine, our pelvises gyrating and kissing.  I reach up and pull you down by your shoulders, stressing your arms against the silk bonds, reminding you of your restraints.  As you toss your head and moan, you feel me swell inside of you, overcome by your soft skin, your tight body, the way your abs have to flex and push to ride me.  I grab your bound arms and pull you harder as my head swells and I ****, arching into your body, draining myself into you.

Sep 26, 11 8:58 PM

Tags: ****, ****, ****, ****, silk


Crap, I think my **** 3-day membership expired mid-chat. That's a **** awkward. I would really enjoy reading your work. Let me know if you want to exchange emails

9/27/11 12:49 AM

wow thats very nice ... i mean hot i likeeeeeeeeeee thanks hugsssss

9/26/11 11:19 PM

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