5 - ****

I haven't written **** for about 3 years, so leave comments to let me know how this hits you, what your personal preferences are.


You meet me in the locker room after your workout, just like we discussed.  Your tank top and shorts stick to your sweaty skin, your hair is matted.  You pushed yourself hard today, and you’re already wet with the hopes, the expectations, of what I’m going to do to you.

I cover your eyes with a blindfold and then peel your sweaty clothes from your body, my hands drifting against your smooth skin.  You feel me lubing your ****, and then I insert a ****.  It barely pulls at your skin, smoothly sliding in…It’s just a **** bit bigger than the ones you are used to, but it feels good, it feels new.  You shiver all over as it penetrates you.  You moan quietly and have to lean against a locker, feeling its cool metal on your arms and face. 

As you’re leaning there you feel my warm fingers lubing your ****.  Every sensation seems heightened with the blindfold on.  I part your lips and slowly insert a long, vibrating ****.  You **** in your breath as I feed it all the way into you.  You can feel its length and girth; you can feel the ring that will be hitting your ****.  “It has 4 speeds and a remote control,” I tell you, as you unconsciously move your hips to take in everything.

Next you feel cold leather straps running up your legs.  I’m buckling a leather thong tightly around your waist, and secure the crotch **** to lock the **** and **** in place.  You’re beginning to breathe hard and bite your lip.

I pick you up and carry you, cradled, to the other end of the locker room, where the sauna is.  The warmth of my skin, your body latching on to the toys…you’re getting very wet. 

Ropes are waiting inside the sauna.  You smell the scent of cedar and heat and instantly know where you are, your heart beats a **** faster.  I toss some water on the stones to start the steam, and then tightly bind both of your wrists, both of your ankles.  You can feel the rope scratching against your skin, and you grab the wrist tethers with your hands.  Now I pull the wrist ropes, lifting your arms into the air, stretching your body out, and finally, lifting you off the floor, suspending you and spreading your arms apart. 

You’re rubbing your thighs together, trying to start enjoying the ****, so I stop it.  I secure a spreader bar to your ankles, just above the ropes.  And then spread you open the full 36 inches.  No matter how much you flex your thighs and ****, you can’t make your thighs touch.  You can’t cross your legs to squeeze the **** or ****.

Instead of tying off your ankles to the floor, I pull the ropes to lift them into the air, until your ankles are behind you, level with your hips, making your body arch.  Your ribs stick out as you breathe harder, and I give each of your **** a quick teasing pinch and ****.

Finally, I run two more ropes to anchor your arms and legs into hooks on the side of your leather thong.  As you pull and flex with your arms and kick with your legs, you’re going to be pulling on the thong and grinding the toys against you.

Your arms and back are already aching from the bonds.  The sauna is starting to get hot.  Your skin is sticky and your **** is sopping wet with anticipation. 

You hear me open a wooden latch.  “Oh, there’s one more thing.  This sauna has a clear Plexiglass window; it takes up this entire wall in front of you.  So everyone from the gym is going to be able to watch you strain and ****.  The women you envy and the women you pity.  The men who have **** your eye, and the men that you already know watch your every move.  They’re all going to be able to see you, even though you can’t see them.”

I start to leave, but see you parted lips and remember.  “Oops, I almost forgot this,” I say, looping a simple ball gag over your head and popping the ball into your mouth.  “Now you’re all set.”  I flick the **** ON with the remote control and start it on the low setting.  You moan and toss your head back slightly. 

“I’ll keep you going until I’m satisfied with your ****.  If it seems like you’re cumming too fast, I’m going to slow things down.  When I’m satisfied, I’ll come in with some more surprises.”

 I lock the sauna door and crank the heat up to 110 degrees, then go to the window to watch.


The sauna is very quiet.  That quiet, combined with the blindfold, heightens your other senses.  Your arms ache, but you’re more focused on the **** in your ****.  Your hips sway involuntarily, you can almost feel the **** and **** touching so deeply inside of you as they caress your wetness.

You can feel beads of sweat starting to roll down your ****, they tickle a ****.  Your back is wet with sweat, and your shoulder blades stand out, your muscles ache in this position, but waves are slowly radiating through your body.  You pull up with your arms and instantly the leather thong shoves the **** deeper inside of you.  You moan and try to breath around the sides of the ball gag, but can only blow out.  All of your air will have to come through your nose.

I send the **** up to full speed, and you pull at your bonds and toss your head back, moaning with pleasure.  You start jerking at your bonds to help your gyrating hips devour the ****.  Sweat rolls down your body, your muscle tone and curves highlighted beautifully in the amber light.

After 10 minutes your head is spinning from the incredible pleasure and pain, the heat, your shortness of breath.  Saliva drips from the gag as you madly force air out, your ribs and stomach and hips pumping hard to feed your lust.  The ropes are cutting into your wrists and ankles, but you don’t care.  You grip them tighter, pulling at your bonds with white knuckles.  A huge crowd has gathered at the window, watching you push your limits as you writhe before them.

I power up the vibrators **** ring, and a whole new rush fills you as the nubs **** your wet ****…back and forth, fast and slow, released, and then on, pressing hard and shaking.

The first **** hits you like a rock, you cry out so loudly that everyone can hear you through the gag, through the window.  Your entire body stiffens and your muscles shake as you hold yourself erect in your bonds, time holds still for an eternity as the intense pleasure washes through you.

You are very slowly able to let your body go limp as it passes, your head hangs and your muscles spasm as **** tremors run through you. 

I let you hang there for a few moments, gasping hard for breath, sweat rolling from your body, your hair **** matted.  Then I switch the **** to Escalation Mode.  It seems to almost grow within you.  The **** ring rubs against your wet ****.  The vibrations start outside at your lips, and slowly build, rumbling down the shaft until the head is shaking against your walls.  Your back arches.  Your arms and legs pull the toys deeper inside of you.  By the third sequence you cry out again as another powerful **** rips through your body.  This one keeps going and going, making you buck against your restraints, against the plug and the ****.  It becomes more than you can handle and your mind goes blank, your body taking over, using everything in your power to **** yourself harder and harder, growling like an ****, moaning in ecstasy. 

After 20 minutes your strength gives out and your body hangs from the ropes, muscles spasming hips still gyrating subconsciously.  I switch the **** to work just the **** ring, just your ****, and the nubs track back and forth against you, letting you slowly undulate with them.  The sauna has reached 110 degrees.  The floor is wet with your sweat.  Your entire body is throbbing. 

Through the blank dark you feel one bead of sweat slowly working its way down your hand.  It stops when it hits the rope at your wrist.  You can feel it spread out and find a way through, then the tickle as it courses all the way down to your armpit and drips away.  Another starts in your hair and runs down your neck.  It feels pleasantly cool as it moves along your collarbone, and then defies gravity, growing larger as it traces your breast, to the tip of your ****, and hangs, teasing you, before it falls.  Another small trickle begins between your ****, traces the contour of your tummy, and splits off at the leather thong, half moving down along your hips, finding that line where your legs meet your body.  The other half drifts slowly through your short hairs toward your ****.  You can feel ever millimeter of progress, like liquid dynamite on a slow fuse.  And then it finally hits your ****, and new energizing warmth washes through you.  Your legs shake as you try so hard to bring your thighs together and capture this warm wave, but all it does is remind your body that you have a **** in your ****, and those sensations begin again and course through you, shaking you to the soul.


I open the sauna door after an hour.  The rush of cool air shocks your body, and I quickly lock us in together.  You are barely conscious from the heat, the pain of your bonds and positioning, the many ****.  I remove your ball gag and give you some water.  I release your legs but leave the spreader in place, then I slowly lower you to your knees.  With your wrists still bound and in the air, I run my hands over your body, squeezing your **** and pinching your ****.  Feeling your tummy and ****.  Massaging your **** and inner thighs.  I grab your sweaty hair and pull your head back, kissing and tonguing your neck and chest. 

Then I stand and reveal the surprise….a riding crop.  I stroke your **** and inner thighs with the crop.  I run it across your chest, over your shoulders, down your back, across your ****.  I smack you **** with it, hard, quick, stinging.  Then the other cheek.  And the other.  I tap it against your ****, making your **** rise higher.  The crowd watches as I move all around your body, surprising you, making you jump, delivering stings that make your **** bounce and leave light red welts.

Next I toss the riding crop aside and I unbuckle your leather thong and slide down to your knees.  I remove the **** but leave the ****.  Then I let your arms come down from the ceiling and rub them to help your feeling return, before binding them behind your back. 

Now I lift your bound arms, sending pain through your shoulders, making you kiss the floor, your **** in the air.  I play with my **** in your wetness, then thrust deeply inside of you.  It feels so good to have a real **** in you instead of that ****.  I drive deeper and deeper into you, using your bound arms to pull you into me, spanking your ****, **** you as I pull almost all the way out and hold there for a moment before filling you up.

I drive us across the floor to the window.  I pull out, pick you up, and take you from behind, pushing your sweaty body against the plexiglass for all to see, your legs still spread ****, your arms trapped behind your back, my abs driving the **** into you as I hit your spot with my hard **** again and again, my fingers flicking your **** while my other hand fondles your breast and pinches your ****.  Your head rolls back against my shoulder.  I can feel your thighs working with mine.  Your other **** slides against the window as I **** you harder and faster.  And then your body shakes and your knees give out, you scream in my ear as you **** again.  I hold you up by your bound arms and **** harder, driving pleasure higher for both of us, and then I finally ****, my arms squeezing yours, my body pinning you against the window.

We both slide to the floor gasping, our sweaty bodies sliding against each other.  I release you from your bonds and remove the ****, open the sauna door.  We both lie down on the bench, spooning, my **** in your **** ****, my arms wrapped around you.

How do you like your arms and legs bound?

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