3 - switchup

You grip the headboard tighter and arch your back, your thighs shaking as you grind harder pushing my tongue deeper, pushing my head into the pillow.  My hands grip your flexing **** and pull you down.  My hot breath **** on your **** makes you moan and drives you harder and harder.  I move my hands along your back, fingernails scratching.   I grab your shoulders and pull you down only my face hard.  You cry out and lean back, grabing your **** and rubbing your **** furiously.

You try to lift yourself off of me, thoroughly satisfied, but your muscles are jelly and I'm not letting you go just yet.  I wrap my arms around your shaking legs and hold you to my face, my tongue lapping from your taint to your **** and back again.  You moan and melt and drop, shaking, leaning against the headboard exhausted as wave after wave smoothly rushes through your body.  I start massaging your **** with a finger, just **** you while my tongue continues to caress every inch of your ****.  You moan again and pull yourself up, leaning your hips into me, wanting all that I can give.  Your wetness drips and sweat beads on your **** and back as you **** over and over again.


I'm not subscribed, but I am real.  If you're interested in talking, let me know.

Orally speaking, tongue or fingers? (I'm amazing with both)

Sep 22, 11 5:18 PM


I'm kinda into that too, as an ****. I'll see what I can come up with. Any preferences?

9/25/11 11:26 AM

can you write me a **** story? i'm sorta into that (mildly) lol hugsssss

9/24/11 7:06 PM

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