2 - Good morning
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Morning's always an interesting time, especially when you're just getting to know each other, right?  Morning breath - not so ****.  Morning hair and skin - ultra hot!

It's nice to wake up spooning, my hands cupped around your ****, your **** just lightly pinched between my fingers, my nose in your hair, smelling your natural scent.  Our warm skin touching.  My toes tickling the bottoms of your feet.  Your **** against my crotch.  

My left hand explores down your body, lightly tracing your inner thighs, gracing your neat tuft of hair, my fingers gently working their way to your ****.  I tease you and slowly part your lips, feeling your body start to move as you push your back against my chest and start grinding your **** into my ****.  You roll over and want a morning kiss, I deliver.  My fingers stroke up and down your lips, bringing your wetness up and around your ****, making you shudder with warm pleasure.  You roll onto your back and spread your legs.  I kiss down your neck and shoulders, giving your earlobe a quick **** bite.  I move my lips down your body, teasing your **** and caressing your chest and tight tummy.  

I'm not going straight to your ****...I keep teasing you, making you squirm with please as I kiss and tongue your panty line, the crease where your legs meet your hips, the short hairs around your ****.  Back and forth from the top of your inner thight to your **** to your other inner thigh, so that you know I'm getting close and tighten in anticipation, then relax more as I move by and return.  

When I finally place my full tongue on your ****, **** you slowly, deeply, you're oozing pleasure.  Your powerful thighs wrap around my head, your fingers sink into my hair, and you melt into the sheets, holding me in place, both of us enjoying the greatest wake-up call nature can provide.

How intimate are you in the morning?

Sep 18, 11 5:15 PM


I'm not a morning person but i think if i was woken up like that i would be in heaven ****

9/18/11 7:29 PM

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