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**** fantasies/Erotic writing

Your hips have been shifting for a while now.  Time doesn't matter anymore, you just know that your in the bubble and your body likes it there, your mind swims.

My warm wet tongue teases your **** then dives down into you, **** you slowly all the way back up.  You thighs shake against the stubble on my cheecks and you shift your hips more.  You start to slip towards the top of the bed, away from me, and I wrap my arms around your thighs to hold you to my mouth.  You hands grab my wrists, then the sheets, then your ****.  

I shift to focus my tongue on your **** and pop a finger inside of you.  You moan and sink into me as I stroke and **** you.  I can feel the stickiness of first sweat forming on your hips, ****, tummy.  My left hand roams up your arching body to pinch your ****.  You moan again and your body tenses, I can feel your second **** coming on.  

I **** your lips into my mouth and hold them there, my tongue reaching down all the way and then coming back up to flick them hard and wet.  You cry out and shake, and I have to remove my finger for a few minutes to hold your body to my mouth with both hands.  

You're breathing hard now, writhing against me, telling me that you want me in you.  ....but that wasn't part of the deal, was it?  I lift you by your thighs and let me mouth take all of you in, my tongue circling everything, my nose against your ****, your legs braced by my arms.  It's more than you can take, you **** again, long and hard, leaving you breathless.

I stretch you back out on the bed.  Sweat reflects light on your heaving chest as I gently lift my mouth and lightly tease your parts.  I tap at your walls with my finger.  I know that at this point every touch is burning sensations through your body and your mind.  

I pull my finger away and lightly stroke your legs.  I give your **** one last tongue flick then kiss your hips, your inner thighs, run my lips up your tummy.  Pause to **** your erect **** and **** the bumps on your areolas.  Then kiss your collar bone and neck, shoulders.  The taste of your sweat and the smell of your skin makes my body sing.  And finally, kiss your lips, let you taste yourself on my tongue.


When I'm available, I can host.  

Do you like **** with ****?

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So hot I love the details

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