What's up with this profile thing?

You know, i'm not sure what to think about this profile thing this site has.

 If you decide to do any changes to your profile then it has to go through some kind of review and then all of a sudden you are blanked out.

Now, i understand the reasoning behind this and all but, if they are carefully screening the profiles then why do I see obviously commercial profiles on this site? Does that mean that this site puts up fake profiles? (this wouldn't be the first site to do this).

And while i'm on the subject of fake profiles..... how is it that someone can send me an email on this site but still has never viewed my profile?

Wouldn't you want to view my profile before you sent me an email? Or are there really people out there that see the bare minimum info on someone and fire off an internal email without even wanting more info on that person? In other words, they are interested in getting to know you better...maybe even having **** with you (that is what this site is all about isn't it?) but they don't want to know what your **** tastes are?

Granted, there might be a few people that do that on here, i don't know, and i'm sure there are people that are franticly trying to find a connection ( read: nail anyone and everyone, because they are everywhere i'm sure, not that i'm judging)      

Another thing that bothers me is the fact that alot and maybe most women on here might be surprised to know that us non paying men can't read your emails on here. All that we see is that you sent us one and who sent it, and only a shortened version of the title (if the title says"let's see if we have anything in common" we might only see "let's see if we have any" and that's all we might see). While all you non paying women might be wondering why this guy isn't answering your email we are getting frustrated because we're pushing a button for email reply and only getting a notice that tells us we can't reply until we become a paying member. Unfair? I think so.   But then, that's what these sites are all about for us guys.                                   

Now, i'm not sure if this will work.

Or even if anyone will see it. But figured what the heck, let's check it out. Heck, it might be a garbled mess that no one but me will be able to decipher, i guess i'll find out. So, what do you think?

Nov 26, 10 5:51 PM


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