Are we

I pose this question to all of you in the virtual world

Can you eat the same meal every day for 30-40 years

Who came up with the idea that we are suppose to have **** with the same person for life

Jan 28, 11 3:18 PM


The Medical Board was thinking in advance sake of symptom "AID" probably was the only answers? To have same "APPLE" as 'Sir Issac Newton' discovered there is a reasons to fall apples on his head? today we are proud of Internet 'Friendship Click of a Finger' without, Sir Issac Newton. And there is only one name will remain in entire human Journey.

5/25/11 7:35 AM

Our faith, if you have any.

1/29/11 2:29 AM

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Someone who wanted to stop the spread of STDs.

1/28/11 3:58 PM

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