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Why do so many women hate their bodies?

I see it all the time.  Sometimes they actually point out their sexiest feature as their worst!  I just don't understand it.

I was sitting next to this young **** kitten a few weeks ago.  She was too young for me to click with her, but man, she had a body.  My first thought was how perfect her weight was, and her stomach had a nice **** protrusion, not very big, but just a nice bump that gives it a nice curve and shape.  It made her feminine.  She was showing her midriff and was being affectionate toward me, so I touched her stomach and loved running my hands over it.  She liked that, but then she procedes to tell me how she needs to lose weight and how the one thing she hates about her body is her stomach.  I tried as best I could to convince her that her weight was perfect and that her stomach was one of the most attractive assets she had. Hey, she had a nice **** too, but her stomach I think took first place.


Why do so many women hate their bodies?

Nov 23, 10 6:57 PM


Reply to parider38
This is a no-win situation for any male that encounters it, like you pointed out. You can't AGREE with them - whether you actually do or not - and you can't try to make them feel better because they assume you have an alterior motive. Women need to understand that those things that they see as major issues are not always a big deal in reality.

Next time this happens I'm not going to play along. Besides, this seems to be an indirect method of fishing for compliments half the time.

12/7/10 8:00 PM

ive given up trying to convince a women about their look.
all they think your doing is trying to get in their knickers and any compliment you give them is seen as you just being perverted.
if they complain about something just let them get on with it. if anything agree with them and when they get funny over it ask them what to they want!
if you say they are ok you get funny. if i agree you get funny. make your mind up.

just hand them a chocolate bar.

11/23/10 8:45 PM

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