Story-time in San Diego
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

I'ts a rainy moring today, so I don't really feel like getting up today.  I can hear the water dripping onto the patio outside the french doors of my bedroom, and the drops coming from various spots along the patio seem to be keeping a rhythmic beat.  With my eyes closed I listen to the sounds and my breathing slows to sync with the rain drops.....

I remember an old girlfriend and a day similar to this one.  A day neither of us wanted to get up, but instead rolled up next to each other and just listened to the rain and gently began touching each eath other.  She was against my back, and I could feel the heat of her body and her breath against my neck.  I reached back on put my hand on her hip and slowly moved my hand down her thigh and then back up.  She had strong legs from being a jogger, and as I moved my hand across her bottom I could feel her tense the muscles slightly.  I applied a **** extra pressure to my touch and she relaxed her muscles.  No tickling allowed I reminded myself. 

She was pressing her **** and stomach against my back.  Staying warm by **** the heat from my body.  To get closer, she lifted her leg up and put it on top of mine, with her knee resting in the nook between my hips and ribcage.  I ran my hand down the back side of her leg as she pressed her body into mine and took a long breath, and I could feel her body tremble slighly as she exhaled.  I felt myself getting turned on as she began responding to my touch. 

She slipped her warm hand under my arm and moved her fingers across my chest, all the while pressing her stomach and hips into my back.  I could feel the softness of her **** against my back, and my body responded the only way it could, as she moved her hand down across my stomach and ran her fingers around my belly button.  I felt myself growing, stretching, reaching up to touch her hand from my groin, and she sensed she was having that effect on me.  With her pinky, she reached out to touch my swollen ****, then quickly moved her hand away.  She always loved to tease me.

I moved my hand back up the bottom of her leg until I could feel the heat from where her legs meet.  She moved her hips slightly, straining to reach my hand, but I moved the back of my fingers down the inside of her other leg and then back up.  She moaned slightly as I let my fingers move slowly across the lips of her ****.  Up one side and down the other, then simply pressing the palm of my hand against her moist ****.  She moved her hips slowly, rubbing herself against my hand and her breathing became deeper......


 As I remembered how exciting and "orgasmic" that morning with my girlfriend had been I couldn't help but begin slowly stroking
myself.  The rain was still falling.  Long strokes, pulling the skin up to the head, and then back down to the base.  At the bottom,
my pinky and ring finger cradle my **** and then let them slip out each time as the other fingers stroked back up
back up to the tip.  This was a memory I enjoyed, and enjoy each time I have it.....

Feeling the motion of her body against my back, and her hand on my chest aroused me to the point that I
wanted her now.  I hungered to feel her flesh pulsing with mine, our bodies entwined, our heat radiating
into the air surrounding us.  I rolled over to face her, and slid my left arm under her ribs to lift her
lips to mine, but before I could lift her she raised herself to kiss me.  Our mouths pressed together,
her tongue came looking for mine, and found it wanting hers. 

Her hips were pressed against my abdomen and she continued to grind into me, my member throbing between
her legs.  I pressed my right hand between our legs and ran my hand up her inner thigh.  She moved her
hips away from mine and towards my hand, trying to get my hand to reach her target, and her moans enouraging
me to continue moving my hand closer. 

At this point, I know she is ready to be ****.  She wants it, she needs it, she can't think of anything

But I move my lips from hers, and kiss her cheek, and flick my tongue across her ear lobe as I move
my kisses to her neck, and the then begin nibbling my way down to the notch in her collar bone.  From there
my tongue draws a meandering path down the middle of her chest and then spirling around her left breast.
My hand leaves her inner thigh and begins tracing a sineous path across her stomach and up to her
right breast. I cup her breast in the palm of my hand, and gently draw a circle around her **** with my
finger before lightly pinching her **** between my finger and thumb and **** her left **** into my
mouth at the same time.

She gasps to take a deep breath and arches her back to thrust her chest into my face. The moan that
escapes tells me she wants more.  She slowly begins rolling her body from side to side, her hips and
shoulders moving in opposite directions, her breaths keeping pace with her motions.  I take her ****
firmly in my lips and pull on it while my other hand pulls gently on the other.  This something she loves.
Not to hard, but just enough tension sends tingles throughout her body.  Her **** stand up tall, her
areola contract, a tight knot of nerves with a mainline connection to her pleasure center.

I begin to trail kisses down her left side and across her stomach till I make a cirle of kisses around her
belly button.  She puts a hand on my head and lightly pushes me towards her target, so I start making a
sideways figure 8 across her chest using my right hand, a **** in each half, and my tongue makes a beeline down her
abdomen to the left side of her ****.  Her hand trails behind and then moves back up her body
to be joined by the other as she takes both **** in her fingers and begins kneading them.

I know she is desparate for direct attention now, so I slowly take each **** lip into my mouth and ****
on it while my tongue slides across it.  Then placing my tongue at the base of her ****, I push my tongue
into her and then begin moving slowly up towards her rosebud.  My hands trail down her stomach and gently
pull back the folds over her garden as my tongue arrives.  She releases the **** then grabs her **** in both hands,  squeezing, and lets out a deep moan as my tongue slowly curls around her rosebud for the first time.  She lifts her hips off the bed and
presses herself into my face, grinding to get more stimulation.

With my arms wrapped around her hips, I hold her in place.  I can see that her rosebud is swollen and
glistening, aching to be touched, so I begin flicking my tongue back on forth over it, keeping a steady
pace.  I look up across her abdomen to see the expression on her face, but all I can see is her chin
between her heaving ****.  She has her head pushed back into the pillow, her back arched, and her
hands are grasping for something to hold on to.  Her hips trying to move, but held firmly by my arms, her
breaths short and quick, keeping time with the motion of my tongue. 

Hearing her begin a convulsing moan, I know she is about to ****.  The ripples and tingling begin to course through her body, as she suddenly tenses up and contracts every muscle in her torso.  Her back arched and her stomach moving side to side.  Her fists clenching the bed linens.  A brief spasm undulates across her body as my tongue contines.  The intensity of her moan increases, but falters as the sensations wash over her, replaced with a desparate "Yes! Yes!".   Each word following a gasp of air, her fingers pulling at the sheets, she is helpless and overcome in the moment.  I ceased to exist the moment her **** started.  Her body reacting to the fireworks between her legs.  As her moan stops, and her lungs try to catch up, I stop the activities of my tongue and with my fingers I release the folds of her **** to allow her rosebud to cool off.  My hands move back across her stomach and I begin to gently blow on her rosebud.  Trying to cool the fire that rages within it.  She
shivers from the feeling, and reaches down to place both her hands on my cheeks, pulling me up to her......

The rain outside has begun to fall again as I remember that morning with my girlfriend.  It's coming down
pretty hard in fact, and I stroke my own hard member as I relect on how great an **** we had that morning.
The veins in my **** are pumped full of blood, and the head slides quickly between my fingers on each stroke.  I
rub the outside edge of my **** head on each stroke, and feel the want and urging each time my fingers move
past that spot.  She was a tremendous ****!  Always ****, always wanting more, and willing to do anything
to get **** with me......

As she gently pulled my face up to kiss me, I could see the look on her face, and knew that she was ready
for more.  Our lips touched and she engulfed my mouth, her tongue probing to taste herself, **** my lips
and then **** on them.  Her left hand ran down my chest, pressing her fingers against me, she continued
moving down my body until she found what she wanted next.  Her hand wrapped around the head of my **** and
she moved slowly along the length of my shaft.  Not squeezing, just a light rub, with her index finger and
thumb having the most contact and the other fingers lightly touching.

Hmmmmmhmmmm..I love when she touches me.  I can never get enough of her fingers, so skilled and delicate
with their touch.  Many times in the car, as we were driving somewhere, she would use her hands to stroke
my ****, teasing me to the edge and then stopping to drive me crazy.  Her sense of timing was impeccable. 
Each time she would tantalize me and stroke me, telling me what she wanted to do with me, but always keeping
me from getting too close to the edge.  Then when we were nearing our destination, she would hold my ****
in her right hand with her fingers and thumb clasping the shaft of my ****, and bend over from her seat to
put her lips on the head.  Then her right index finger would rub up and down over the top inch of my ****,
between the opening and down to just above where the foreskin started.  Between her mouth **** and
the incredible sensation of her finger, I would always ****.  Her long-term teasing giving me an extra heavy
load of cream, she would **** every drop out of me.  Sometimes there was more **** than she could handle in
a single mouthful, so she would put her other hand under my **** to catch what she couln't take in her mouth.
Then she would **** the semen off her hand and give my **** a thorough cleaning with her tongue.  Squeezing
my **** between her fingers and slowly milking the last drops to the head of my **** where she could ****
them off, one at a time.  I loved to take drives in the country for this reason, and I would always
volunteer to drive if we were going to be in the car for more than 30 minutes.  Hmmmmmhmmmmmm.

In my rainy morning memory, her strokes were equally stimulating, and her mouth was passionate.  I moved my
right hand down where my lips had just been, and as my tongue danced with hers, I slipped my index and middle
fingers into her ****.  Her grip on my **** tightened and her kisses were empassioned as my fingers began
gently rubbing in and out just a few inches inside her.  She spread her legs to better feel my finger
attention, and her hips began to move up and down with my fingers.  I knew she liked the "come here" motion
of my fingers, and she knew what that would also do, so her strokes of my **** became more vigorous.  I kisssed
her lips and then moved to her earlobes.  Her fingers were entwined in my hair and she pulled my face to her
throat and then moved her mouth down to find mine while her fingers pulled my head back. 

Her hips were rocking faster now, her legs pushing her bottom off the bed, thrusting herself into my fingers.
I held her body close to mine and kissed her cheek and the first wave of **** washed over her.  She squeezed
my **** hard, and then realizing what she was doing, released it as her body tensed with rolling sensations.
She bucked with her hips and legs, letting out a deep moan, an OMG moan!  This climax lasted only 4-5 seconds
but she was ready now!  She wanted to be ****!  She needed to be ****!  And she wanted to feel my ****
in her NOW!

I rolled over on top of her and then sitting back on my heals, reached down under her bottom, and lifted
her up onto my thighs, and grabbed one of the pillows, folded it in half, and put it under her lower back for support.
My throbbing **** was dancing between her legs, and her eyes focused on the bulging veins and swollen purple
head as she pulled my **** down to her ****.  I rubbed my **** along the length of her **** first, getting
the underside moist with her juices.  I put the head into her **** and then pulled it out to quickly rub
across her ****, and then returned the head to her ****.  As I slowly filled her with my ****, we both

I could feel the heat of her desire, its heat bathing my **** in her ****, her juices slowly dribbling down
my **** as my whole **** slipped within her.  The head of my **** traces a wet path across the top inside of
her **** with each stroke.  I lean over to kiss her and taste her tongue again, and she moves her legs to
wrap them around my lower back.  This is what I've been waiting for.  Her **** gently pulls at my ****,
urging it to continue thrusting, wanting the head to rub her deeply. 

After a moment, I lean back to watch the expressions on her face.  My **** strokes are shorter now, focusing
on a particular depth of penetration.  Rythmic, but not forceful.  She looks at my gaze and knows that I'm
enjoying the sensations, so she plays with her ****, pulling them and rubbing them between her finger
and thumb.  I begin a more side to side motion with my hips, still focsing on the same depth of penetration,
and I see her face melt into a state of bliss, her eyes closing for a moment as she takes in the new
feelings in her ****.  I quicken the pace now because I know she is close again, I've seen that look many times
before.  She begins to arch her back, so I put my hands on her hips to control my thrusts into her.

She releases her **** and moves her hands down her sides, trying to get some measure of control over the
sensations that are building fast, but she has no ability to control the nerves in her body, the waves begin
to wash over her.  Her hands give up and try to find something solid to grip.  Her mouth is open but no
sounds come out, her eyes closed tightly, her stomach convulses and her breaths and gasps seem random but
forceful.  Her legs alternate between squeezing me and relaxing, as I continue to thrust quickly but
shallowly.  Every fifth thrust I fill her with my whole ****.  My **** bounce against her bottom, then swing
between my legs on the shallow thrusts. 

Her hands grab for my **** and she pulls me into her tightly.  Her eyes open to look at mine, I can see she
still is electrified inside, and she tells me "**** me hard".  On command, I begin to thrust the full length
into her at a fast pace.  My **** slap against her bottom and her arms move up to my neck to pull me close
to her face.  Our breaths are labored as she kisses me, so she pulls my head to the side and whispers in my
ear "fill me with your cream", and she moves one hand down to play with my **** as they swing between our
legs.  "I want to feel your hot **** in my ****".  She massages my **** in her hands, then lets them swing
into her bottom a couple of times, and then massages them again, maintaining this pattern.  She knows this
puts me over the edge.

I feel the pressure building inside my ****, my heart rate quickens, and my groin and **** become enflamed.
With each stroke her **** sucks at the head of my ****, and her hands **** the cream from my ****.  The
semen begins to leak from my **** 5-10 strokes before I explode.  Her **** gets more lubricated with my pre-****
and my strokes become ragged, more rough, more primal.  The moan in my chest starts to rumble and my body
begins to contract as I feel the first steamer of **** explode into the back of her ****.  "Give me everything
you've got!" she says into my ear, and each of my thrusts adds another shot of hot cream into her filling ****.
The only feeling in my body is the firestorm in the tip of my ****.  My thrusts are contorted as each sends a
overpowering sensation to my mind.  Every muscle command is telling my body to move that **** head, stimulate
the head, feel the sensation of her hot **** slurping the **** from my **** as it pulsates out the lenght of
my shaft.  My thrusts begin to slow, and then trail off.  My final stroke is slow and I push my **** fully into
her, feeling the warmth of her body with mine. and move back to kiss her lips. 

She has a beaming smile on her face, and still holding my **** in her hands, she tells me "There's nothing! left
in these now!" I have to agree, and I settle into her arms as we kiss, our bodies entwined, our hearts pounding,
our fluids mixed, and our bodies just beginning to cool from the flames we created.  It's still raining outside,
but we don't care anymore.  We're not going to get up, at least not out of bed. As for other activities???....

I feel the splat of **** as the first streamer of semen explodes from my **** like a rocket launcher and the bulk
of it hits me in the face.  The next has more volume, but not as much projection and ends up on my chest.  Each
subsquent spasm sends another glob of **** up the length of my engorged ****, sending pleasure shocks throughout my
mind as the **** passes the head of my **** and then gets ejaculated onto my abdomine.  The last few contractions
merely ooze down my **** and run over my fingers.  Making a mess, but a pleasureable one.  I always remember the
look on her face and what she said to me that rainy day, and that memory is all I need to get myself off.

The rain has started up again sometime while I was "dreaming", but I know I've put off getting up for as long as
I can.  I hope its raining again tomorrow morning.....

Dec 22, 10 6:25 PM


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