Bound Chained and the Imagination
**** fantasies/Erotic writing


In a medieval time where bow and arrow rule from the saddle of the cavalry and draw bridges are raised in a time of threat detected only by the careful eye of a scout horde and their runners life was never uneventful. In the event a tactful invader made it to the draw bridge before it was raised there was the enormous portcullis built into the entrance. It was made of oak beams laced with ornamental hammered iron escutcheons and iron spikes at the bottom that would pierce a horse and his rider when lowered.

Messages were hand delivered and sealed with the king’s signet ring in wax attesting to the authority of its bearer. Those who were outside the walls of the castle were not under their jurisdiction. These were the supposed outcasts who were not compelled to enter the gates of the city for no reason. To be outside the walls where the laws of nature rule is to be among those who are living, free and dependant on the provisions of nature alone.

In this land not everyone outside the city has a weapon for battle but most people carried daggers or stilettos. There is **** crime where the code was simple. Harm no one, do no damage, commit no ****. In the event someone did commit a crime it was handled between the parties involved and them alone.  

Very few people ever resulted to **** between themselves since honor was the base of their law. In the event someone was inclined to result to recompense they had ropes, chains and, straps among other available devices for punishment of those who cause harm. Floggings were not uncommon and **** although unusual was at the discretion of the victim. Out here there is no social defense or dungeons that bind you to their policies.

Here in a place where there are few men of valor even fewer with honor. The few men who are around are elderly and there were no **** close by. For the most part the men were taken off into the castle to serve in the king’s army or face peer pressure. After all the king has much to protect that has been taken by conquest.


Bound, chained and the imagination


A few quail scattered from a small patch of grass that was nestled among the rocks one morning where three local women often met to speak about the events they planned for the day and share in their experiences and ideas. These three friends never found cause to charge one another. Two had dwellings north over the ridge and the other has a cottage on the side of the basin by a small creek that fed into the river. The land was riddled with springs and creeks and fertile soil for great harvests.

The trio often meets there to launder, mend and be there for the common bond of their sisterhood. It was a usual thing they were accustomed to do from the time their mothers taught them. Now each of these enchanted women had their share of misfortune. Evelyn’s husband died in the Massacre at Mogatine from a pike man’s spear in the battle. Laila’s **** and **** were taken to the castle to **** a debt owed to the Baron. She’s been in the **** cottage ever since.  Her parents have been gone for a year. Mari was in a relationship that didn’t even have a chance to get started before the desire of her lover’s heart became the focus of another woman a few days prior to the grand ballroom wedding.

Each of them in their own spirit laughed and carried on in their lives as time healed their damaged hearts. But this always left a **** want in their life for change. They learn to become assertive while living on their own and relied on each other for the trust, support and of course storytelling. In all of this they have come to know “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.”

The women lived in the Providence of Obsidian near the river. It was a beautiful land where the rivers and streams meandered through the forest that fed the deep bountiful lakes. The grass was almost as tall as a man and flowed about with the winds of change. There were farm lands and hills in the other direction as far as the eyes could see. This Providence was so named according to the story of the ancient volcano which destroyed the inhabitants many centuries ago.

The ladies called themselves the sisterhood and could be found nearly every other day beside the river donned about with their beautiful dresses while dancing and singing and enjoying the provisions of **** earth with all that was in them. Their hair waving in the wind as each of them twirled and danced by a small fire to honor the rites of their mothers before them.

Evelyn was a warm and sensitive woman with voluptuous curves and a smile so seductive it was luring to the simple man. Her name means “hazel nut”. Her **** named her so as she was gazing into those beautiful brown eyes.  She was a very curious soul with a wonderful and gentle touch. Evelyn has seen a lot in her ****. She saw her **** beaten by a band of robbers who then pushed him into a gorge to die on the evening after the solstice dance.

Evelyn never forgot that night when all the robbers got was the trinket her **** gave him that night. It was a memorial of their union she gave him the day before the solstice celebration just hours before the dance. It was a simple charm that Evelyn’s **** got from a friend for helping to clean stalls at the stable. It wasn’t a hard job at all. In it got her out and about and she was able to enjoy a morning and evening stroll. She also was permitted to ride these horses. They belonged to the duchess herself.

Both Evelyn and Mari’s dad knew each other through Laila’s brother who acquired some land upon the ridge. Mari’s **** had possession of the land and granted deed to Laila’s brother. They became close and shared in nearly everything. They even contributed the materials and each of them gifted of their talents to build another cottage for Mari.

Mari was a bright spirited woman. She worked part time training the horses at the local farm just beyond the meadows for her ****. This land had been deeded to her great grandfather by the king upon receiving a medal of valor during the victorious battle against the Mogatine alliance south of the Providence.

Mari was betrothed to the ambassador of Mogatine before the treaty was breached. The treaty between Obsidian and Mogatine lasted nearly 200 years until this fateful day the ambassador was found with the bride of Obsidian’s highest general only days before the wedding. Mari was humiliated to say the least and very few women will ever know this feeling but her high spirit and support from Evelyn and Laila brought her through these rough times.

Mari always had a fascination with the **** of burden. She enjoyed the dominion she had with such enormous animals when she was training them. It helped her during this time to gain back what was once taken from her. She realized the power when she sat upon these beasts and had them under her control. The strength in these animals was enormous, and to see that strength beneath her controlled by her own hands was very humbling.

Laila on the other hand was a small petit woman whose olive completion was envied by most of the local ladies. She had short dark hair that glistened in the sun. She has a bubbly personality and enjoyed a flirty chat with the men who worked in the nearby fields. She was never serious about anything; never met a stranger and she just loved the thought of all the men bowing to her beauty. Her erotic frame was muscular and tan. She is tanned even where the sun never had the pleasure to grace her body.

Laila loved nature, and often times would run behind the butterflies as they flew in the air. When they landed she would gaze upon them in view of all of their glory. She was amazed at how many different types and shapes and colors were on these delicate beauties. They would spread their wings out and display their brilliant raiment for nature’s god and that was the highlight of her day. She was curious about everything and left no stone unturned.

Most of the laborers in the local fields thought Laila was employed by the king. But **** did they know she was not in a compact with anyone and had no obligations to fulfill. She was free to do as she pleased and she was well aware of the pains for employment.

The trio developed an unbreakable bond by an event that happened years ago. Evelyn had arrived earlier than normal and was nearly assaulted by a vagrant passerby. Even though the only thing he demanded was money, the situation could have been a grave tragedy.

Evelyn’s presence alerted a man laying asleep on a boulder that jetted from the land where he had apparently slept the night before in a drunken stupor. He was startled and jumped to his feet then started towards her. His sun parched skin and the deep wrinkles were that of a true ruffian. He quickly started approaching Evelyn and a great fear fell upon her and she froze.

Fortunately, just as the vagabond began to yield his stiletto, Laila screamed from the edges of the woods downstream, and ran towards him. The vagabond was startled when he heard Laila yell and suddenly saw her. He quickly ran off into the forest fearful of his life.

Mari heard Laila and saw what was happen while she was climbing down the ridge. She charged with a warrior yell as she ran after the man who was a threat to their lives. Even though she was fast it was to no avail. The distance was much too great between them and he was wearing leathers that protected him from the briars and limbs. He disappeared in an instant. Mari couldn’t possibly trek that path. Besides she didn’t want to put herself in the same danger.

The two girls ran to Evelyn’s side while she knelt down on the ground fearful and shaking like the rattles on a snake. She wept for just a moment but gathered her composure quickly. She hadn’t been prepared for this by any means. It just wasn’t something to worry about outside the walls. Mari was pacing around wanting to do something. But there is nothing to do now except move on and move on they did.

Mari’s name in her native Celtic tongue is ‘golden flower’. She has beautiful flowing sandy blond hair and it glistens with every bounce. Her **** named her while in the lying-in room of the farriers cottage giving birth. Her **** noticed all the beautiful patches of marigolds and sunflowers in the garden and asked the midwife to bring some inside so she could look at them when she delivered. She graciously obliged.

Ava the midwife has been around these parts all her life, she has been helping bring life into the world since she can remember as a **** in the same room as when her sister Constance took in her first breath. She remembers clearly then when it was such a cold and rainy day her **** went into labor that afternoon, and didn’t deliver till wee hours. The rain poured down as though the waters from heaven were no longer needed and caused the rivers to crest into the fields.

Ava was a kind and gentle woman who was the deliverer of life. She was married and now she has seven **** all of which are living healthy and respectful lives. Ava’s two youngest **** often help her with her midwife duties and provide post care for the new mothers wherever they may be. They often helped with simple chores and even mended their garments as one of those extra things to show their giving spirit. The **** stays out in the land going from one to another checking on the **** she helped deliver.

Ava was exceptional and has been serving the births for more than 20 years. However, on this eventful day the birth instantly turned complicated when Mari became breeched. The physician by custom was waiting in the next room when he was called in for surgery by the assistant. It was not unusual that a **** be delivered by the man physician. They were merely there for complications. The delivery was without other complications and Mari began crying as soon as her face hit the air. Ava fully performed the rites and her obligation to nature’s god and blessed the **** while the new **** according to custom remained outside and prayed for a safe delivery.

Her **** looked at Mari wrapped cuddly in some fine cotton linen that Ava made for the new life being brought into the world. Ava **** Mari on her ****’s stomach as she always does so the local clergy could perform the baptism. Her hair was the color of the flowers brought in by Ava earlier. Her **** took that as a sign and honored the belief so there was only one thing for her to do then and that was to give her the name “Mari”.

Mari grew up fast and made friends with Laila and Evelyn. She was always happy and free spirited. She always made fun of Laila because she was so short. Laila’s powerful voice and fearless heart makes up for her vertically challenged life by leaps and bounds. She didn’t know she was short and you couldn’t tell her any difference.

Mari and Laila had a special bond. They spoke about anything that came to mind and there was no limit to their imaginations. Their conversations sometimes went astray and Evelyn often brought them back to reality. Evelyn was a bit more reserved than Laila with one exception. Laila is quiet around strangers. Evelyn’s full figure filled out everything in her wardrobe and then some. She was a delight to behold and has the most seductive smile.


Unbeknownst to the trio a noble sire came into the land a few hours north east of the river to survey a parcel of deeded land for future growth of the realm. His stature was bold and he was pleasant to look upon. The requirement of the guild he belonged to in the distant land made it their custom to be healthy and fit. He was a very charming man and he was educated by the queen’s talent in every aspect of the culture. He was refined with eloquent speech and taught the art of metallurgy in his ****. He was polite and gave great consideration for those around him.

The dominant realm the sire was from was outside the Providence and not under the jurisdiction of the courier. They brought only a day’s provisions with them since this was a simple task. On horseback it’s more than one day travel before you even get to the border and another half a day on to the gates.

A few weeks had gone by and on this one beautiful morning the valiant sire ventures out on horseback with Merek his knight and two squires Jonathan and Borin. He summons his troops northward to map the land for strategic purposes. The men each with their talents and orders from the sire charged into the forest without question. They were burdened with an eight hour journey and were prepared at a moment’s notice for any task given in honor of their oath.

Just after the troops parted the sire began a small walk to the east. He became interested in a certain land beyond a field where he notices substantive growth. Tall trees and what appeared in the distance to be a man made fence. This became his new interest for the time being so he began to meander along the tree line when merely a moment into the commission he noticed a sizable creek just ahead beyond a small rolling hill, so he turned into the forest and made his way into the land by cover of the tree canopy to avoid the heat.

The edge of the forest wasn’t thick with underbrush but the further he ventured the thicker it became. The terrain appeared to slope upward in part the further it went into the forest and seemed to have a familiar déjà vu to the sire. Just across the river he saw the ridge. He was very familiar with geographical features because of his trade. He knew not to keep going north.

There is a lot of new growth and old trees that formed a serine appearance to the surroundings as though it was meticulously cared for. The canopy was high and although the sun was not even mid day the temperature was perfect. The light breeze brought the smell of the river to his nose. He could hear the sound of rushing water just ahead.

As he made his way nearby a small rock formation a few yards away he noticed the terrain slope downward quite steep toward the river. With caution he approached a spot where a boulder protruded out over the land at the river’s edge.

As he approached the boulder he began hearing the sound of the river’s water flowing powerfully. “This is a beautiful and well flowing river” he thought as he motioned for his stallion to inch forward. Reluctantly the horse made a step forward when suddenly the boulder broke loose from the cliff side. A large chunk of this boulder, the sire and a healthy stallion plunged into the flowing water with a great force.

The current was swift and brutal to the sire’s body as he tumbled across the rocks and broken branches that littered the path he was on. A few times he and his horse mingled beneath the water. Powerlessly he was gasping for air as he was dragged for what seemed to be miles beneath the water only breaking the surface just enough to sustain his life. He and his horse were sweeping along without governance at the will of the water. The horse was no longer trying to recover. He realizes he is ****. The sire then grabs a stone sticking out from the water. Almost all of his strength was expensed trying to break free from the impending **** of the rapids. He felt a sudden **** and enormous pain when his horse was pulled on the **** and broke free. “I made it” said Gaylan “Tis a wonder I lived to see the ground once again” as he gasped for air sporadically.

He turned just in time to see his stallion tumble into the cascading water and then disappear. He would have died had the reigns not broke when they did. He had almost given into the demands of the rushing water when he managed to grab the jagged stones at the base of this rock.

He prayed that the crest of this rock was big enough that if he was able to climb out of this **** cascade of water, he could make it to the shoreline to safety.  To his amazement and dire struggle for his life he made it onto this amazingly huge rock formation that stretched a rocks throw along the shoreline. He realized he was on land and to his relief he fell to the ground from exhaustion and slept.


This afternoon the delightful trio was suppose to meet on the rock as usual. Each of them parted before mid day on their own journey to the rock by the river. Evelyn was walking down the **** trail that opened up to the breathtaking view of their common ground when she noticed something out on the rock. Once again memories came flooding back from time past and she became weary. She noticed what appeared to be a man in tattered clothing. His appearance was that of a vagabond. Somehow she thought “did he return”.  And this time without Laila or Mari, she could be in serious trouble if he finds out she is there.

She started to turn back and wait when to her amazement she saw Laila running across the rock with a dagger. She stood above the man and stuck her dagger to his throat. The sire whose appearance was unworthy of royalty was startled and dazed from his ordeal and near **** experience he had with the river. Laila was screaming at him, “state your business here or be torn to shreds. Who are you and what is your business here”? The sire was jolted and groggy when he suddenly realized he was at the mercy of a woman who’s right was to defend herself with deadly force according to custom. And she was now challenging the sire’s intent and his very own existence.

The sire quickly said “I am Gaylan from the land just beyond your Providence.” Laila quickly shut him up by asking him “why are you dressed as a vagabond?” Franticly he stumbles to explain his perils when Evelyn came out from the tree line with her pearly handled dagger that was left to her by her grandfather. He gifted many cherished items from his treasury.

“Was this the man who came to you the time before”? Laila asked Evelyn. “I am not sure” said Evelyn. She was turning her head and stepping to his side to get a different angle. “I can’t tell for sure”... “It happened so fast...”


Evelyn was now in a difficult situation and a witness to the events unfolding nearly as before but she feels brave and empowered to make a change in her life in the presence of her friend. She has never pulled out her dagger before from out of anger or fear. The two entered an agreement to just kill this trespasser if he resisted their lawful inquiry until such time as Mari should arrive. “Mari will know what to do” said Laila.

Mari lived just beyond the hill and usually arrives at about the same time the other two girls do. She always tries to meet together and this day was no exception. It was only moments when Mari noticed the girls standing over something or someone on the ground and their blades drawn. In an excited state she ran quickly to make her way to the rock to be with her friends. To her surprise it was another man with torn and tattered clothing who evidently fallen asleep on the rock or maybe this is that man from before.

“Is this the man who tried to get to you Evelyn”? Evelyn responded “I don’t know”. “He says he’s from the “KING” and he was doing a “SURVEY” when he and his horse fell into the river”. “He says he’s from the land beyond the Providence eh”? “Present your Cloak of Nobility if you be from the monarch” Mari demanded. “I have nothing wherewith to answer you mi lady” said Gaylan. “I and my horse were destined to drown in the river here” holding up the reigns.

He had held onto the reigns so tight the force of the river caused it to break while he fought the rivers endless power. A sudden memory came to him as he watched his horse’s lifeless body disappear. The man who had been beaten to near **** by a **** river had nothing but a small leather **** wrapped around his wrist and neck and he certainly had no sliver of evidence he was a servant to the king.

The sire knows that without his cloak from the King he was just another man and he was facing a certain unpleasant future according to their customs. He pleaded with these dagger yielding women who had nothing to lose by killing him but his words fell on deaf ears. These bold ladies were not going to be tricked into some story from this obvious vagabond.

“Who are you and what’s your purpose here in this Providence. You know the law of the land!” Evelyn exclaimed with her trembling voice. The sire explained his tragic adventure to the young lady and that his papers were in the saddle bag as the horse was torn from his grip in the accident. “I was to die, had it not been for this break mi lady” said the sire as he held up the leather straps wrapped around his hand. Laila walked to the side of the river and looked up and down and saw no traces of a struggle or any evidence of a witness. She didn’t even see a horse. She’s thinking “evidently he is a liar”. And they had something for liars in these parts.

 He was tormented with a heavy heart and fearful he could suffer the pains and penalties of their customs. He pleaded with them to believe he was who he cla

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