The beginning of the paradigm

I have never made a blog before, so I suppose now is the time to start.

Most of the time I am into studying. I do enjoy other things as well, but I am enclined to educate my mind, simply because a head full of mashed potatoes is useless unless you are a zombie or something. But if you are a zombie, look for another brain to **** on because mine is full of ****.


I have met a few people on here, at least via simple ice breakers and such, but of course that doesn't mean I have become friends with anyone. I am not sure where the line is conserning the word "friend" and to "friend" someone in a **** forum. Does the friend request make a friend? I highly doubt that. Does the mere acceptance of a friend request make us friends? Again doubtful. But that's not to say that a friendship can't be built from it.


Many people I have met in previous lives will tell you that they will be your best friend, till you need them. Then the friendship will sort of weight anchors and set sail.


Friends are few in numbers, and stick closer than a brother.

Aug 10, 12 3:05 AM

Tags: friendships


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