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Bound Chained and the Imagination


In a medieval time where bow and arrow rule from the saddle of the cavalry and draw bridges are raised in a time of threat detected only by the careful eye of a scout horde and their runners life was never uneventful....


Aug 26, 12 12:55 AM | (0)

Gentle ripples on the water

Outside in the pool (small one) I noticed tranquil ripples rolling across the surface of the water. The wind was gentle and the sun was shining bright causing my body to become very warm. So I dipped into the pool and watched the former ripples collide with the new ones and disappear into the sides of the pool. That's the way life is in everything you do. Some call it Karma, others call it a harvest of what was sown, some know nothing about either and don't care..


Aug 13, 12 9:27 PM | (0)

The beginning of the paradigm

I have never made a blog before, so I suppose now is the time to start.

Most of the time I am into studying. I do enjoy other things as well, but I am enclined to educate my mind, simply because a head full of mashed potatoes is useless unless you are a zombie or something. But if you are a zombie, look for another brain to **** on because mine is full of...


Aug 10, 12 3:05 AM | (0)

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