Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Over the years, I have found myself searching for solace online.  Maybe it is because the chance of bumping into someone who just wants to ****, then talk, then get something to eat is so rare.  But truth be told, there are days when that is preferred over the routine of going out for **** or drinks, thinking '****, I might get lucky tonight' only to realize at the end of the night that even that thought was beyond the pale.  More and more people are spending their time online, either pursuing their fantasy, settling for something acceptable or just playing it safe in chat rooms or erotic email or even webcam.  Somehow, people have replaced real ****, hot ****, steamy sweaty grinding **** with watching **** or fantasizing about doing it or even writing a blog about wanting ****.  What is wrong with wanting to have ****?

Yes, there are the risks (STDs, broken hearts, friction burns, etc.) but the benefits are great (physical activity that releases great hormones, reduction in prostate cancer risk and ovarian cancer, reduction in arthritis from lubricated joints, and I could go on).  **** can be fun, rough, painful and apparently **** imagined by far too many people.

I'm not certain how long I'll be on this site or if I will continue to pursue reality on the web (the possibility of increasing the opportunity to have ****, at least) but I'll continue to wonder how we moved from **** to watching others **** in the movies to just wondering when we can do it again.

Finally, a random thought here.  Also, since Kim Kardashian got $5 million for the flick and her lawyer got a cut but Reggie Bush didn't get any money, does that make her attorney a film producer and Reggie Bush a prop?  Just some random thoughts.

Have a great day

If Kim Kardashian made a **** flick with Reggie Bush and sold the rights to that **** flick (instead of fighting the release of the flick online) does t

Dec 1, 11 3:55 AM


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