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Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (3)


Female, 19

My Summer working in magaluf

My **** had a friend who lived in magaluf and owned a bar there, so i got my **** to arrange for me to go over for a month working at his bar and staying in my own apartment he rented me.

It were great! Sleep on the beach all day, work at the bar at night which i just dossed about drinking free shots and dancing with tourists till close time and going to after party's everyday. I eventually pushed my luck with Jay (My uncles friend / employer) when he **** me on the beach one...


Apr 3, 14 9:52 AM | (1)


Male, 48


Varför kan jag inte bli medlem ?


Apr 1, 14 10:15 PM | (0)


Hello old friend here I am back online and to my surprise blogging again.

Back in the naughty’s I used to muse in length about my conquests and adventures it's purpose was to keep an erotic diary of things  I greatly enjoyed. Much to my surprise this cache of mischief became...


Apr 1, 14 10:39 AM | (3)

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Male, 33

Skö**** stunden

Kan lugnt konstatera att i dag försvan ja in i en under bar stund,Började tänka på en snygg tjej ja **** ett medelande av igår,Riktigt sexigt snygg va hon,Tänkte när ja läste de hon skrivit att hon tyckte de lät som att de va knull varning på lilla mig.Tyckte de var så sött skrivet så ja tänkte för mig själv att hon ha nog en hel de rätt i de hon skrev,


Mar 31, 14 5:18 PM | (0)


Male, 28

Hotel break part 2

As soon as we enter the individual changing rooms we start tearing each others clothes off, I turn you around and push you against the wall face first, tell you to lift your hands up before tiying them to the hook with your bikini top. After making you **** two of my fingers I rub their moisture on your ****, as I pinch them it sends a shock all the way down between your parted legs, which my hands follow. I place one hand over your **** and push my groin against your...


Mar 30, 14 11:33 PM | (0)


Male, 59

women , good , bad indifferant ?

i just gotta say i think all women are beautifull no matter colour , shape or form because the main thing is they are alive & think & feel . like all of us are the same inside ya know , its onley when we open our mouths before we put our brain into gear that we can be hurtful , anyone agree - disagree ?


Mar 30, 14 12:35 PM | (0)



Jeg søger en dejlig og fræk kvinde som kunne tænke at være min elskerinde her i aalborg eller i  aalborg område.

som  kan lide frækt **** og være i **** tøj .jeg håber at høre fra dig frække.



Mar 30, 14 9:58 AM | (0)

!st Erotic Story
7:45am, Sunday  morning. Damn, I slept in.     After too many years of getting up at 4 or 5 am for work, 1/4 of 8 is sleeping in.  Even after a night out w/ my lovely bride.  Local blues band at our favorite club and all the fun that ensued when we got home, I still can’t sleep late.   I stumble into the kitchen and start the coffee, I hit the head and pick up a **** around the house while...


Mar 30, 14 5:33 AM | (0)


Male, 28

Hotel break part 1

I decide to take you away at the end of term as you've been working really hard and getting a bit stressed, which has caused a drop our **** fun in the **** department. We spend the 2 hour journey through the countryside re-connecting, laughing, teasing verbally and chatting. After a while we're beginning to feel more intimate, as we've taken the train and it's not exactly private we start to swap quite a few **** text messages of what we might get up to, whether the room will have a four...


Mar 29, 14 8:47 PM | (0)


Male, 28

Night out

One saturday, we spend the day wandering around town doing about as much shopping as I can handle, along with visiting a museum. The highlight of the day is you teasing me by messaging me a few photos of the lingerie you've been trying on, and a couple in-between, whilst I wait patiently trying to conceal my erection and not to look like a guy perving at women in the lingerie section. As the day turns to evening and needing a break, we find a place to have ****, it's quite classy, dimly...


Mar 29, 14 8:46 PM | (0)

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