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Hello, everyone!

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Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (6)


Male, 48

Women want great **** more than men want ****...
As a guy, you can have mediocre **** and still finish. Woman on the other hand, usually don't finish at all from mediocre ****. With GREAT **** a woman can easily finish 3, 5, or even 10 times.


And guys when a woman has great ****, it changes EVERYTHING about how she feels about you and most importantly how she treats you.




Jun 28, 14 8:41 PM | (0)

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Female, 47

I'm so **** tonight and no man is near tonight to use my body for his pleasure.

I want a **** so bad.  I crave a big hard one being smacked around my mouth.  Being grabbed by the back of my hair while a man pushes my face over his erect head and says "****, you **** ****".  I like being your fucktoy.  Use me.  I'm gong to have to jam some fingers around my **** tonight but wish I was serving you.  


Jun 27, 14 7:29 AM | (5)

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Male, 42

Einfach ****`s gefällt !

 Leben **** es Gefällt 



Jun 26, 14 10:08 AM | (0)

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Female, 30

Estou ardendo!

Sabe aqueles dias que você simplesmente está ardendo de tanto tesão, bem estou assim nesse exato momento **** não tem ninguém que de jeito **** ponha fim a esse desejo que toma conta do meu corpo.

Jun 26, 14 8:21 AM | (0)

Taking your time with HotMamma

is in progress! **** cumin soon **** 

Jun 26, 14 2:01 AM | (1)


Male, 43

Excited about my **** ****

To everyone who's ever wondered what it's like to be restrained, teased, and brought to the edge of **** desire, then this blog is especially for you. I was very lucky

Jun 25, 14 5:00 PM | (0)

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Female, 49

Uma bunda dessa merece uma vara!
Sou mineirinha da gema, gosto muito **** mineiros, mas sou louca pelos cariocas, além de sedutores, são sacanas **** deliciosos com aqueles ssss todos. **** minha primeira enrabada foi com um lindo menino do Rio. Adoro **** ****, se eu fosse homem seria bicha com certeza! Eu era uma ninfetinha, trabalhava em uma ótica, conheci um carinha lindo,...


Jun 25, 14 4:29 PM | (0)


Male, 50


Gatinhas, vcs querem conhecer o COGUMELO ATÔMICO???

Jun 24, 14 7:07 PM | (0)


Male, 50

Hello EVERYONE Welcome to My FIRST BLOG!

I am the one of the new guys in here hoping to find someone for me!!

So far I am very frustrated with the lack of or delebrete people not reading my profile and...


Jun 24, 14 5:04 AM | (0)


Female, 44

Nothing like a **** Old Man

Every night for the last week or so I have been approached by an older man asking me if Im ****.  I just laughed it off and thought answered no, sorry your about 4 hours too late amosnt other reponses.  Then over the last 3 or 4 days he has asked me to watch him pull himself on ****.  No matter how much I change the subject or tell him that I dont like it he insists on still asking me and talking **** to me.   My spoon is so big but this guy just didnt take the hint....


Jun 21, 14 8:19 AM | (4)

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