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Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (6)

Real Women
I am so tired of reading all the "real women" blogs (which generally aren't even blogs).  There are plenty of us real women on the site but since there are probably less of us than there are of you it's gonna be your job to find one.  I dont even have my pic posted and it is all I can do to be polite and get rid of the emails and unsolicited chats.  So spend a **** time and look, read profiles, blogs, forums, and you will get an idea of how to spot the real ones. One...


Mar 6, 09 9:39 PM | (4)

**** or not?

Mid-life has struck, refuse to call it a crisis though. In talking to my female friends of like age, the trend to regain **** seems to be getting tattoos or very "personal" piercings. Just wondering whether or not you guys find either or both **** on a woman. Or would discovering a surprise like that be a turn off? Please let me know what ya'll think. Personally, although I tend to go after a much more conventional type of guy, I find piercings and tattoos oddly intriguing....


Mar 5, 09 6:45 PM | (6)

Things That Turn Me On

Funny isn't it, how sometimes its the **** things that get you going.  I confess the idea of sitting next to you with nothing between us but your pants really gets me going (for all you whose favorite underwear are "none"). Even not being sure has me curious, trying to notice, not being obvious about it.  Touch is another small but obvious turn on. The touch of your hand on the inside of my wrist where my skin is soft and delicate, or gently brushing my neck as you help me...


Mar 4, 09 2:18 PM | (4)

Unexpected pleasure

This is the 2nd time I have tried to get this past the oddly restrictive censorship.  I have been trying to meet a good man face to face for a **** while now. I met only the one, and he has me intrigued. We have met twice now and I think he likes me for my mind. Who would have thought? And really, how incredibly **** is that? I mean it's easy to say you want **** **** but the realities are a whole other story. At least for me.  Back to the guy at hand, it was an unexpected...


Mar 3, 09 4:50 PM | (3)

Mixed Signals
What is so hard about saying "hey I like you and want to take this further" or "hey sorry I am just not feeling it"? I am an ****,  So be clear the mixed signals are driving me crazy.


Feb 28, 09 6:39 PM | (1)


Female, 25

Cant wait for warmer weather

the spring weather is on its way i cant wait until i can wear my bikini again!!!

Feb 26, 09 9:21 PM | (6)


Male, 61

Hot In Socal
Hey! Any **** Chicks out there? I'm a paying member, and have a HOT Italian Sausage for you! Write me! Ray


Feb 23, 09 8:16 PM | (0)

He's just not that into you.

Back to the issue at hand, breaking the cycle that landed me in a life with 15 YEARS of celibacy.  If you have been following my misadventures, you know that the first guy I gave a chance to backed out.  The cutie I met for try number 2 has me all confused.  We met, he extended the meeting into the early am, and the email I got later ends with "best regards".  What the heck does that mean in guy speak?  There is a new movie called He's Just Not That Into You, I...


Feb 22, 09 6:55 PM | (4)

She swings and .....misses.

I found out for sure today, the guy behind door number 1 doesn't really want to meet.  Even though it was his suggestion in the first place.  Cest la vie.  I decided to try the gentleman behind door number 2.  He did show up for a face to face meet, but I doubt I will hear from him again.  Just a feeling but you kinda know.  It's too bad, I would do him in a heartbeat.  He was goodlooking, charming, and definately my type.  You know the kind with a...


Feb 21, 09 5:23 AM | (5)


Male, 44

Another Thursday day off -
2009-02-19 - It's another boring day......cold outside and cold inside, due to the fact that once again I'm in need of some **** satisfaction and am coming up empty. I really beginning to wonder if benaughty will really work for me.  Don't get me wrong, there are opportunities but those opportunities appear to be with pyscho's.  Well, thanks but no thanks.....I don't need it that bad.  I hope that something good will be around the corner and she'll wantsumluv2. ...


Feb 19, 09 4:04 PM | (0)

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