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Need your answers!



Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (4)


Female, 42

****, open minded woman with an appetite for passionate get to-gethers.

Highly ****,into giving and receiving. If you are looking for **** satisfaction beyond what you are receiving currently. If you just want a **** more spice, and or kinkiness. If you are seeking a confident, mature woman to have passionate playtimes together then don't hesitate to contact me.


Jun 6, 09 2:50 AM | (0)

**** Things

Some days its the **** things that get you...

It can go either way. **** things lifting you catching all the lights on the way in to work, finding perfect parking, having all the computer systems up, watching your sweetie smile over breakfast, having your first glass of juice or cup of coffee brought to you in bed and knowing morning **** is just a moment away.

And the **** things that bring you finding his tshirt and realising that he isnt here...


Jun 5, 09 3:44 PM | (3)


Time is a funny thing.    Sometimes minutes take forever. Others fly by in a heartbeat. In the dark early hours of the morning, I sat and watched John sleep. And quietly I cried. Minutes more precious than gold were slipping through my fingers. 11 days had flashed by and now it was time to send him back to the UK. There are so many things left hanging, words unsaid.  As meets go, I guess it qualifies as a success. To be in someone else's pocket 24/7 for better than a...


Jun 3, 09 4:52 AM | (7)


Female, 31

ahhh ****!!

Finally got ****. but alas it was only a quickie. We **** for 15. min. he came then he put his clothes back on and left. Damn I forgot how big his **** is! He is still the best lover I have ever had. Last week he came over and I gave him head. he exploded all over my face. I loved it. His **** always tastes so good. We are going to try to meet up on thursday so that I can finally get off. He has gotten off twice now. So thurs. is my turn. Oh can't wait for him to taste my yummy juices...


Jun 2, 09 11:51 PM | (13)


Male, 39

standard member contact
if your interested contact me


Jun 1, 09 9:29 PM | (1)


Female, 31

last nite
ok. So im hungover at work. Ran into my **** fiance last night. God **** was amazing when we were together. He looked good. My friends got me drunk. I was so drunk and **** that i was hitting on my guy friends. Still did not get any. If i dont get my wet **** ****, fucke and fingered soon im going to go crazy. Any takers? Man or women...

May 31, 09 12:48 AM | (6)


Male, 39

standard member
I can't respond to emails directly because i'm only a standard member.  If your interested in talking or meeting,


May 30, 09 6:16 AM | (0)

Barriers broken

Hey Ya'll!! Just taking a minute to stop and say YAY!!! I broke the barrier (well actually I had help, lol). And as I suspected, celibacy is for the birds.  I have been doing my best to show a **** "southern hospitality" to my honey while he is here. Time is flying and I need to go make the most of every moment. I am hoping if I am good southern girl when I say 'Ya'll come back now ya hear" he wont mind flying all those miles again.




May 28, 09 9:41 PM | (4)


Male, 29

A thought provoking question.....

Talking with some people online i've found that Christians seem to get **** as often as non-Christians. My question is: Should they act upon those feelings and sleep around if they're feeling like they need to ****?

May 27, 09 10:00 PM | (3)


Male, 24


i signed up for this site and cant get no one to talk really........wheres all the good people at??

May 27, 09 2:49 AM | (2)

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