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Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (3)

Barriers broken

Hey Ya'll!! Just taking a minute to stop and say YAY!!! I broke the barrier (well actually I had help, lol). And as I suspected, celibacy is for the birds.  I have been doing my best to show a **** "southern hospitality" to my honey while he is here. Time is flying and I need to go make the most of every moment. I am hoping if I am good southern girl when I say 'Ya'll come back now ya hear" he wont mind flying all those miles again.




May 28, 09 9:41 PM | (4)


Male, 29

A thought provoking question.....

Talking with some people online i've found that Christians seem to get **** as often as non-Christians. My question is: Should they act upon those feelings and sleep around if they're feeling like they need to ****?

May 27, 09 10:00 PM | (3)


Male, 24


i signed up for this site and cant get no one to talk really........wheres all the good people at??

May 27, 09 2:49 AM | (2)


Male, 41

Be Naughty

I lay awake at night and wonder....have I done the right thing? I LOVE ****....I like to experiement....and want to try so many things! I have friends and **** that would not understand my ranges of desire and feel the co-workers (most) would shun me for finding out what kinda things I want to try or look at me like I was a freak (well most anyway) There are a few one in paticular out there that understands me. I think about **** every day which is normal, but find myself wanting to...


May 26, 09 2:01 PM | (1)


Female, 31


Im ****.. well im always ****. I keep playing with my **** and my wet ****. I want to be eatin out so bad. to feel a tongue glide though my lips and penetrate. god I love to be eaten out. Its one of my favorite things. Is there anyone out there? Male or female?

May 26, 09 10:07 AM | (12)


Female, 31

So i went to a wedding yesterday. Was hoping on ****. But alas it did not happen. I need **** so bad. Im a straight woman. But i saw a beautiful woman there. I wanted to **** her **** and kiss her so f***ing bad! She had nice **** too. Damn if i were to ever have a lesbian experience i would want it to be with her. She was gorgeous! Then i ran into a guy i had a one night stand with 6 years ago. I was so ****. He is still hot as hell. Wanted him to take me in the back room and...


May 25, 09 10:01 PM | (7)


Female, 31


I don't know if its just me. but I'm the horniest when i'm on my period. I don't know why. but I am always hornier and crave **** more than I normally do. Anyone else like this?

May 22, 09 6:45 PM | (3)


Male, 65

HI All!
Hi All, This is an interesting website. Does it work? We'll soon see. I am a die hard Green Bay Packers fan. I grew up in Wisconsin, Watching the pack, drinking beer and grilling bratwursts (of course with saurkraut heh heh). I love pro football, going to...


May 22, 09 6:32 PM | (1)

Dont Try This At Home!!!!!

Good Morning (in the US) dear readers. If you are keeping up with my exploits you know I have a meet flying in from the UK today. Gulp, grabs paper bag and breathes into it (stopping the hyperventilating....again.) Now while I am generally a pretty low maintenence girl it does not mean that I am unaware of all the proper girlie getting ready procedures. Now there are some women out there who are really great at self-maintenence and trim their own hair (on their heads, lets keep it clean)...


May 22, 09 1:28 PM | (12)


Female, 31

so here i am at wk. **** as all hell. My **** is wet. I just thought of a **** i had years ago with two straight males. Got me thinking. I have never had one with another woman. I haave never kissed or done anything **** with another woman. But im hard to get to ****. I figure another woman could do it. So if there are any couples male and female or female and female who want to talk let me know. I do love **** so straight too please contact. Damn i want my **** **** and ****!

May 21, 09 7:37 PM | (9)

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