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Need your answers!



Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (3)


Male, 35

hi all

wow ive started my own online dating blog!

im actually loving the new functionality, will be back in a few when not too busy with my project and will tell u all bout myself.

Oh and by the way, im looking for a fun girl that would mean more than a one night lover to me!

Aug 12, 09 9:01 AM | (2)

Birthday Upgrades

Back at the end of June I posted a blog called Tech Support for the Ladies and it read something like this:

 This is for all the married ladies out there and all the single ones too. PLEASE READ. Not covered in the user manual or warranty.


To: Tech SupportLast year I upgraded from Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and noticed that the new program began making unexpected changes to the accounting ****; severely...


Aug 10, 09 4:10 PM | (3)


Female, 33

funny dancer


Aug 10, 09 1:15 PM | (5)

Todays THE DAY!!!!

I am sooo happy, today is the day. T-MINUS 1 hour and 40 min.  I am so happy.  After nearly 8 weeks of misery. Ari is on a plane on her way home.  There will be much rejoicing. Now just 18 days more and I get John too.




Aug 9, 09 5:04 PM | (3)


Male, 23

finally going to be able to use this site soon!

hey everyone, just thought i should say that i will be getting a membership to this site soon as possible so i will get back to your emails (that at the moment i cant answer or look at ) hope to talk to you soon!


Aug 5, 09 7:08 PM | (0)


Female, 23


As i walk into the room, only wearing my black la Senza langere and high black high heels i begin to wonder why the such power in my blood wants me to **** him. as he lays there quiet i hand cuff him against the backboard. i begin to undress him from head to toe. then i grab his big juicy **** and began to **** it like a **** **** a lollipop. i told him to finger me or id bite his ****. he did what he was told. i told him to slap my **** and call me his ****. he did what he was told. i...


Aug 4, 09 8:48 PM | (8)

John884488 on Neo's blog

For reasons not worth going into John asked me to post this for him instead of doing it himself. So drumroll please...................

SOME THOUGHTS ON FEELINGS by John 884488 After a discussion with someone who has a knack of getting to the crux of the issue, I have to conclude that 1 -- Events will MAKE YOU FEEL a certain way -- I agree with the writers who say that you...


Aug 4, 09 3:57 PM | (5)

White Linen Night

Tonight was White Linen Night in New Orleans... what that means is they take about 8 blocks of the arts and warehouse district block it off to traffic. Invite 20 or so of the cities finest eateries and set a up a major block party around art, wine, and gourmet food.

What does that have to do with white linen? Well due to the hot and sultry climate many people have traditionally and historically worn white to reflect the heat and sun away from them. Linen ...I dont know but somehow...


Aug 2, 09 3:38 AM | (4)

Can you cook?

It's been a while since I posted a blog just for the joy of it. Quite frankly, like some people I noticed that the usual enjoyment has been kind of lacking for a while. Well its back. I am happy, smiling and ready to write. 

 Lately, I have been thinking about food. Food??? why?  It's not that I am especially hungry. Although, I do enjoy a snack occassionally. I live in a city that is known for its food. We have some of the best restaurants in the US here. I am...


Jul 30, 09 4:53 AM | (4)

Allow me to introduce...

Guys I have a friend on here who is absolutely fabulous. She is attractive, smart as a whip, funny, playful and near as I can tell has only one real fault. She hasnt had the kind of luck we would hope for on here. So a **** about her... between 28 and 38, nicely built, dark haired. If you are interested in knowing more about her and are not gay, married, or hung up on your **** or in her words a "complete ****" leave a message. I know she will see all the comments on here and it would...


Jul 29, 09 4:15 AM | (11)

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