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Need your answers!



Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

Sep 12, 13 4:37 PM | (4)


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i am looking for a good **** friend

to have fun with


Dec 17, 09 3:55 AM | (2)

Are you kidding me?

I love the blogs, always have always will. But I have to say I am a **** disappointed in something I have been seeing. We have some fabulous writers on here, really some of you are probably in the wrong career path. BUT posting song lyrics does NOT constitute writing a blog. Nope, no way, no how. Worse yet, are the people who dont even take time to credit the band that put out the tune you felt was so worth posting on here. I cant imagine why you wouldnt add that **** tidbit. Too lazy?...


Nov 30, 09 10:16 PM | (9)

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The Cabin (an erotic story)

It has been too long so I had to write a few more short stories.  Here is one.  Enjoy....


THE CABINI lay a blanket out next to the raging fire and lay you down on it.  I kiss your **** and swirl them around in my mouth with my tongue.  I am careful to make sure that each one gets the same amount of attention.  As I **** and ****, my hand goes down to your throbbing **** where I caress it some and rub it. ...


Nov 29, 09 1:34 PM | (3)


Male, 53

Activity in Ottawa Extremely Slow - Surprizing

Is the myth true that Ottawa Area women, aged from 30 to 60 are not as interested in **** and lovemaking as other members throughout Canada.  Statistics are showing this to be the case.  There are supposed to be 6 women for every man in Ottawa, yet I am finding it difficult to get any activity on this site.

Let me know what you think???

Nov 28, 09 9:00 PM | (0)


Female, 43

Thoughts of you

The nearest thing to one's heart can sometimes feel so far away. The slightest touch  an ancient memory or a distant dream. Dreams can be reality if only we dare to make them...........Take your hand and place it upon my heart and a small steady beat turns into a raging pulse of desire. Close your eyes and imagine a world where the past falls slowly away to give way to honest, genuine, raw, yet gentle love. Open your heart to the idea of my touch and my arms....


Nov 28, 09 7:30 PM | (6)

Picnic In The Park - Their First Meeting

This story begins with Sue who is middle age and has been married for 20 years; she lives a comfortable life with her husband. Her **** are grown and married and she has 2 grandchildren. Sue is a very attractive full figured woman with large **** that complement her hourglass figure. She has taken good care of herself over the years. John is also middle age and he has been married 29 years. His **** are grown and he has 3 grandchildren. John is a handsome guy about...


Nov 28, 09 12:07 PM | (3)


Male, 64

WOW !!!

I had so much fun meeing all of the hotties down in FLORIDA.. that the next time I am flying down there I will have to be better prepared.. which is what I am planning on doing when I am in ASHLAND , OR December 27 - January 3 rd or so ..


 so if anyone wants to get together with me in the ASHLAND. OR area or drive down to met me from WA, or someplace else that would be GREAT !!!




Nov 28, 09 1:33 AM | (1)


Male, 53

I'm looking for someone in the united states

Everyone seems to be so far away, how do I get to meet someone in Philadelphia, Pa. I've been on here for a while and am about to give up. There seems to be no one near me. Any advice will help. Can anyone help me. Don't need a relationship. A discreet friend or friend with benefits will do.15

Nov 27, 09 5:45 PM | (1)


Female, 43


Another day, beautiful one actually. I haven't done any blogging on this site as I am a newbie. (somehow that words sounds **** in the realm of vote for me.. vote for me I wanna be popular text site.) Any way, I just can't help but wonder how many people realise that typing does not show context. Meaning yes we can ;reflect meanings into the fonts of others. 

My first opinion of the site was rather dismal. I now recend that judgement as I have met some really...


Nov 23, 09 12:50 AM | (3)


Female, 46

Vegas Adventure

After chatting and talking for some period of time, I tell you I am going to be in Las Vegas in a couple weeks and invite you to come visit me there.  I have a suite and tell you I will be all alone and would love to have your company if you would be interested and can get time off and...


Nov 22, 09 6:03 PM | (1)

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