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Need your answers!



Hello, everyone!

During the last week our whole team has been working hard to improve our website and make it enjoyable for all the member. We  appreciate all your feedback we have received during this time and we would like to ask you for help again by answering these questions:

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Male, 55


i love to have fun i have a posstive attitude in everyday life i'm a good lover good kisser i like to touch n feel i'm a very good cook i'm just good with my hands and both my heads


Aug 19, 10 12:09 PM | (0)


Male, 64

Almost tinme for a cruise.

  I am starting to pack my things for an 8 day cruise. I had a thhought that I might be able to find someone that would like to go with me, but, I wasn't lucky enough for that to happen. Maybe by the time arrives for my next cruise I might find someone to sail with. I have a lot to offer her and or just and more. I will try to make enteries while on my cruise...  

Aug 19, 10 12:38 AM | (0)


Male, 49


I'm babysitting my nieces today.  Got my IM's on.    Ya.  that one too.   Gonna start school in Sept, maybe have to relocate for a Job.  I'm digitraxx and I've been trying to find a way to get to KC,  I gotta take fingerprints over there.  So I've been really busy.

Aug 18, 10 4:46 PM | (0)


Male, 27

Hello BeNaughty Folks!!!

I haven't been on here in a long while, sorry folks. I get lots of ****-mails but I can't read them yet. I know, I know, I'm still somewhat sceptical about signing up for the full account I guess. Anywho, I'm just testing out the blog. Fill free to write here. Ok, I'm off. Talk to you all another time maybe.

(If the spelling is wrong, my bad. I had a drink or 2 or 3.... lol.)

Aug 18, 10 8:49 AM | (1)


Male, 46

still bored and frustrated in kiowa oklahoma
so what is the problem?? to blunt maybe?? am i being to upfront??  dont understand..thought straight foward was the way to go..  anyway i have seen many "LOCAL" profiles that "SAY" they are looking for the same things that i am... so what i am really asking is why is it that nothing goes further than the "liked your profile" or the numerous...


Aug 17, 10 8:51 PM | (2)


Male, 43

i dont **** know
where the **** do i start with one of these i know what know what im so sick and tired of is these bullshit women "hi ****" then "i'm **** " then "you got webcam" oh but not here lets go to my private room heres the catch just click onto my link and evrytime it is some website that as usual want your c.c. number not one of thse **** has been honest yet this is a **** up thing to say but the smartest thing that comes out of...


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Male, 59


Nice to see you.

Aug 17, 10 2:55 PM | (0)

A lil antsy and can't sleep.

Well watched the Braves - Dodgers baseball game and hoped to bring back home a lil lady.  Damn well hit me up cuz I just found I shouldn't been to excited to win that one.  Well new to this hopefully I will do it right.

Aug 17, 10 6:37 AM | (0)


Male, 23

Good Time

Hey everyone my name is Matt im 19, i work and go to college. right now im looking to have fun and do new and crazy things, so i am down for pretty much anything. what i really like and look for in a women is if they have any tattoos i find that really attractive and ****!!!

Aug 17, 10 6:00 AM | (0)


Male, 64

It is Cruise time to end the summer

Hello everyone.   I am Dave known as the PaDiver15202 for more reasons than one, I scuba, snuba, snorkel, spring board, platform dive and one more that I will leave up to your imagination. In a couple weeks from now I will be sailing the Southwestern Caribbean on an 8 day cruise. If anyone that reads this and is also just by chance one the same cruise, check out my profile and see my picture. That way you cantell me HI and let em know you read my blog....  I am...


Aug 16, 10 4:15 AM | (0)

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